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Just about everything in the Rad Geek People’s Daily invites replies, which can be posted directly to the page using the comment form or sent from another website using a software ping. I welcome comments, questions, elaboration, and criticism from everybody, including those who vigorously disagree with me. But the comments that you post are hosted on my web space; and so, a few notes are in order.

  1. Comments appear on the public website and are for public discussion. If you want to contact me privately, do so through my contact page.

  2. I try to be fair, and I don’t like to remove comments that other people have taken the time to write. But I will gleefully delete any cruft–including, but not necessarily limited to, duplicate comments, misdirected private messages, spam, harassment, off-topic rambling, or posts without meaningful content–which I feel detracts from the conversation more than it contributes to it.

  3. I may copyedit comments for formatting. I never edit comments so as to alter their content.

  4. You should know when you post that this website is completely against all forms of copyright and intellectual property restrictions. If you post your comments here, those comments will be part of that. If you don’t want people to assume that anything you post here is available to be freely reprinted and reproduced, you should probably put it on your own weblog instead of posting it to mine.

  5. I take no responsibility whatsoever for what other people write and post on this website. If you object to something that someone said in the comments section, you should take it up with that person, not with me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me about them.

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