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Hey Las Vegas

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#BlackLivesMatter activists shut down Jeb Bush campaign event in…

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush ended a town hall early on Wednesday after being interrupted by members of the Black Lives Matter movement,…

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Anarchy in the Havana Times

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The Other Enemies of the Revolution

I'€™m an anarchist and I don't feel any desire to save the Cuban Revolution as I'€™ve known it. But I'™m not a counterrevolutionary either. Peopl…

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Rad Geek, to-day:

David Brion Davis, Inhuman Bondage, Ch. 8, “The Impact of the French and Haitian Revolutions;” Ch. 9, “Slavery in the Nineteenth Century South, I: From Contradiction to Defense;” and Ch. 10, “Slavery in the Nineteenth Century South, II: From Slaveholder Treatment and the Nature of Labor to Culture, Sex and Religion, and Free Blacks.”

And then, for a treat, Plutarch, Parallel Lives, “Life of Alcibiades.”