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Shared Article from Reason.com

Sloppy History in The New York Times

Who was against "government schools"?

Jesse Walker @ reason.com

Katherine Stewart has an op-ed in today’s New York Times that purports to expose the sordid history of the phrase “government schools.” The “attacks on ‘government schools,'” she claims, “have a much older, darker heritage. They have their roots in American slavery, Jim Crow-era segregation, anti-Catholic sentiment and a particular form of Christian fundamentalism.”

How reliable a historian is Stewart? Not very. Take this passage, for just one example . . .

— Jesse Walker, Sloppy History in the New York Times
Reason Hit & Run, 31 July 2017

Rad Geek, to-day:

Shared Article from aaeblog.com


If any evidence is needed of the dangers of cultural conservatism, notice that Deist feels moved to invoke an actual Nazi slogan in his closing paragr…

Roderick Long @ aaeblog.com

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