First Post

Slow Sunday. I’m swamped with reading that I should be doing, but instead I’ve decided to try out Blogger to try to get an easy way to put up new content on my web page. My web page has fallen into all kinds of outdatedness, to the point where even my New and Interesting links were getting stale. Hopefully this will help reverse that. We’ll see. I’m thinking of at least one short blog per day or two; maybe it will even happen. Stay tuned…

Update / Historical note 1 (2004-04-18): Although I started Geekery Today with Blogger, it has long since been migrated to MovableType. I like Blogger a lot and respect what they’ve done for web publishing, but MovableType has proved far better suited to my needs. In any case, all the Blogger posts are still available, and have been imported into the MT database.

Update / Historical note 2 (2007-03-29): As Blogger went, so too has gone MovableType; Geekery Today is now published using WordPress, which has the advantage of being faster, more usable, and free software to boot. Thanks to some fairly extensive twiddling with templates and plugins, the transition should hopefully be mostly invisible to the reader.


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