Kalamazoo City Council Pays Reparations to Victims of Racist Police Brutality

In welcome news, the Kalamazoo City Council has agreed to pay compensation to Beryl Wilson, Michael Moran, and Ricardo Montalvo–to the tune of $31,500–for stripping them of their clothing and jailing them naked. Beryl Wilson, who was awarded the highest of the three settlements, was left naked in a freezing-cold cell for 8 hours. Five other complainants are choosing to continue their lawsuits against the city.

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    Once again the city of Kalamazoo is looking for money to lock up more young people. When will someone in charge of this town at least make an attempt to use common sense. Kalamazoo does not need a larger juvenile home, it needs a state of the art Youth Recreation and Training Center.

    If you build a larger detention facility all that happens is that it will be filled. If you build a youth center that offers more than just limited access to community information you will fill young minds.

    There are still a few companies left in the city that can offer training programs. I’ll bet some of the employees would not mind sharing their expertise with the children of Kalamazoo.

    Could anyone imagine a center for kids that has a real supervised computer lab, a machine shop with models of working units from various companies i.e. Stryker, Summit and any other company that needs a trained workforce. A literacy program for children and adults and the usual recreation activities kids hold dear.

    If the community involves itself with it’s youth, the youth will involve themselves in the community. The aspirations for Kalamazoo’s’ children should be positive, so do the right thing..train our kids, don’t detain them.

— 2009 —

  1. lazy drunk judge

    what the city of kalamazoo needs is a jail they can lock up them dirty filthy low life lying scum kalamazoo city police there the biggest criminals in the city there a few good cops in kazoo but most of them are dope pushing drunkin liwn scum then they wounder people call them pigs i no a lot of the city police in kazoo and there a bunch of dirty scum and the prosecutor and judges are much better my advice to the citizens in the city of kalamazoo is to run that lying scum out of the state like they did dan weston these scum bag cops OFFICER CODER OFF.MARTIN.OFF. BEERBOWER. OFF.CAMPBELL. OFF.LOVEY.OFF.TOMPSON OFF.OSTRANDER TOO MANY OF U FILTHY SCUM TO NAME U NO WHO U ARE U LOWLIFE SCUM YOUR LIARS THIEVES WHATS IT LIKE TO GO THRU LIFE BEING A LOW SCUMBAG LIAR AND STEAL EVERYTHING U ONE U NO WHAT THEY SAY LIKE PARENTS LIKE KIDS AND NO DOUBT YOUR KIDS WILL BE THE SAME WAY U SCUM ARE I HOPE U ALL DIE OF CANCER I HOPE IT EATS U TO THE BONE TURN YOUR EYES AND TONGUE TO STONE BURN IN HELL U LOW LIFE SCUM BAG LIARS

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