They say that satire died when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize,* but if a Right-wing Norwegian pol gets his way, the Nobel committee will be spitting on the grave. Conservative MP Harald Tom Nesvik announced last week that he had nominated Tony Blair and George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize for their decisive action against terrorism, something I believe in the future will be the greatest threat to peace [The Guardian].

photo: George W. Bush and Tony Blair

We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Well, now, wait just a cotton-picking minute. According to the provisions of Nobel, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. However, Tony Blair has ordered more military actions than any U.K. leader since World War II, with at least one military action every year since 1998. George W. Bush has urged budgets massively increasing the size and funding of the U.S. standing military, continued and deepened U.S. military aid for the on-going civil war in Colombia and Israeli military occupation of Palestine, and initiated a war not only against Afghanistan, but an undefined, open-ended War on Terrorism which administration officials daily threaten to expand to other nations such Iran, North Korea, and Iraq. Vice President Dick Cheney told the Washington Post that the campaign of warfare the President has launched may never end. At least, not in our lifetimes. Both Bush and Blair have refused to work with multilateral consultation and diplomacy through peace congresses, with Bush’s refusal to secure UN Security Council approval before initiating the war in Afghanistan, and Blair’s refusal to place the British troops occupying Sierra Leone under the command of United Nations Peacekeeping forces.

There are many competing nominations, so this slap in the face to the worldwide peace and justice movement may not occur (however, it wouldn’t hurt to let the prize committee know how you feel). However, just the existence of this Orwellian assertion that launching perpetual war is doing work towards peace, is sufficient to knock down my hopes for the human race several notches. (Right-wing crazies should long ago have ceased to faze me–these are the same people who called our terrorist wars on the democratic governments of Nicaragua and Chile a fight for freedom. But I suppose that I am too sensitive to the politically absurd.)

Take Action! Urge the Nobel Peace Prize committee to reject Bush and Blair, and keep the award for those who have really worked for peace.

* Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, the same year he bombed Cambodia and supported and sponsored the Pinochet coup in Chile. For more, see Christopher Hitchens’ The Case Against Henry Kissinger, Part I and Part II.


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  1. Catherine Podojil

    The comment about satire dying when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is by the singer/songwriter/satirist Tom Lehrer. His exact quote, as I recall it, was “Satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.” It was one of the reasons Lehrer gave for giving up his satirical writing.

  2. sander laan

    It is unbelievable, that people can think that way, they have to remember that they are not talking about sport!

· March 2002 ·

  1. Shelagh McNally

    Well I have lived to see the day where black is white, up is down, yes means no and two plus two really does add up to five. Small wonder this is called the New Age!

  2. Sebastian Margarit

    Hahaha,even the right wing bastards are going to turn their heads twice when they see this. Who could support this? I don’t understand the misdirection of some people, but I forgive them. Bush is a good man, just like Osama Bin Ladin is a good man. They both truly think they are doing what is right, but unfortunately they are both grossely misdirected.

  3. Julia Weigel-Husein

    Unbelievable. This is as unbelievable as when Yasser Arafat was nominated and got it! He’s a warmonger like Bush and the rest of them. My husband and children are Palestinians, so I don’t have anything but unkind words for Bush, Sharon, Arafat, and the rest of the gang. THey’ve done nothing but let innocent people suffer. Another game of ‘King of the Hill”

  4. David anderson

    The war on terrorism threatens to be just as successful as the war on drugs. Both are wars against ghosts. Think Don Quixote, but evil. Both have the peculiar features of being un-ending and great cash cows for gangsters and criminals and political cronies. Bush and Blair embrace both stupid fights. To suggest the Peace Prize for them unthinkable.

  5. Michael

    A nomination is meaningless. I could nominate you for a Nobel Prize. Fidel Castro could nominate himself. Bush’s nomination is equally meaningless.

  6. "Eleonora"

    Is peace a problem? Is war a desire? Is a gun the most strange desire to keep peace?

  7. hannah

    yeah yeah we all know it’s ridiculous. why does no-one nominate CANADIANS?!?! we’re the real peaceful suckeroos. and hey, yes tony and dubya are getting too war-happy for everyone’s good, but in general tony does a great job in the UK. just cos he’s helping out bush doesn’t mean he’s equally mentally challenged. he a good PM.

  8. Johanna Lonsky

    I strongly object the nomination of Blair/ Bush for the Nobelprize! STOP IT NOW!!!

    Johanna Lonsky

  9. diane

    If you read today’s newspaper, replacing the word ‘terrorism’ with ‘communism’ and then read books about McCarthyism, you’d be reading all the same military solutions to all the same propoganda.

    History repeats itself.

    Let’s hope the Nobel committee doesn’t reward the Bush warlord.

  10. mike hideous

    the nobel peace prize is meaningless in the socio-political sense… the only weight it carries is in the science field… this is just another gold sar on someone’s fucking forehead that dosent deserve to be there.. whats new?? blair and bush wage their all ensuing and all encompasing war against as nebulous an objective as ‘terrorism’ and ‘haters of peace’, but then again, wasnt WWI The war to end all wars?

  11. Terry

    Not saying that I agree or disagree. But with that aside, what would you do to keep something like the September 11 attacks from happening again? How would you let the millions of people living in your country know that they are safe?

  12. Terry

    One thing I have noticed from both inside the US and outside. People find it easy to complain about what is going on, but not one person has ever been able to offer an alternative that would work either.

  13. Mel Kernahan

    Even the act of nominating Blair and Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize is the most obscene idea I’ve heard in a long time. I see these two men as the ultimate terrorists and the greatest war mongers of all time. Both of them should be impeached.

  14. Chris McEwen

    “but then again, wasnt WWI The war to end all wars?”

    What war? There has been no congressional declaration of war even after 6 months of killing, the invasion of another country, and the murder of over 5000 civilians.

    Not only does Bush not deserve to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, he should be charged as a war criminal.. except that we’re not at war! Silly me.

  15. JDavid

    To everyone that wants to help…

    What can we do but watch and cry?

    A unger strike is being organized this summer. I believe (along with many others) that it is the most PEACEFULL way to scream out NO TO WAR. Contact me for info and spread the word. ungerforpeace@hotmail.com

  16. Annie MacGuffie

    I strongly urge the committee members to examine the factual evidence that President Bush and his comtemporary English counterpart which proves that neither leader can rightly and justly be thought elligible for any peace prize. How can either be favourably compared with previous winners of former years- noteably his most revered holiness, the Dalai Lama of a Tibet which has lost its free sovereignty partly due to the non-intervention of countries like America and England.

  17. Tom Browder

    Obviously I’ve happened upon a communist web site–forgive me!

  18. Chuck O'Neil

    I have tried to verify your information and cannot do it. The Nobel site has no mention of any nominations. I did a search on “Harald T. Nesvik” and found a bunch of articles written in Norwegian. What is your source of this information?

    I also read the Nobel Nomination proceedure. It indicates that: “Each year the respective committees send individual invitations to thousands of scientists, members of academies and university professors in numerous countries, asking them to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prizes for the coming year. Those who are competent to submit nominations are chosen in such a way that as many countries and universities as possible will be represented.” So Tony Blair and George Bush may have received a nomination among thousands. I don’t think this is anything to get very excited about if it is true.

    Frankly, I think your article is a bit irresponsible. It is sensationalism and alarmism at their worst. All based on what appears to be speculation. Their are no verifiable references in your article.

  19. Rockbeer

    I agree with Chuck. An intensive search revealed no evidence of this nomination existing. Can anyone provide more evidence?

  20. Yoshihisa Iwamoto

    It’s incredible! A kind of bad joke or black humor? The Nobel Peace Prize should be given to a leader who stop some international disputes in a peaceful manner never using military action, namely with no loss of human lives. A goog leader must be democratic, humane, fair, rational. Meanwhile Bush created war and killed many innocent Afganistan peoples as terolists did, and is starting many wars based on one-side selfish idea. He may be on most far posision of”The Nobel Peace Prize”! In addition he is pushing back of Sharon who is robbing lands, houses, properties, lives of many innocent Palestinians. If there exsist “The Nobel Chaos Prize”, Bush and Sharon may be the best candidate as well as Adolf Hitler. Blair must be no more than a blind ran errand of Bush.

  21. Tito the Geat

    i say give the pigs the prize, it means nothing. it is really a world of make believe

  22. Charles W. Johnson

    Contrary to the assertion of Chuck O’Neil, the information in this story is easily documented.

    You can read more about the nomination at the Guardian, in the article I linked to at the beginning of the story above: http://www.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,3604,645075,00.html

    You can read further about it on the BBC: http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/europe/newsid_1801000/1801773.stm

    And in the AP newswire report (reprinted here in the San Fransisco Chronicle): http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2002/02/21/international1121EST0602.DTL

    The Member of Parliament who nominated Bush and Blair, Harald T. Nesvik, can be contacted by e-mail at harald.nesvik@stortinget.no.

    Bush and Blair are not one nominee among thousands; they are one of about 150 known nominees. The reason the Nobel Peace Prize site does not contain any information about it is because the Nobel Peace Prize committee does not announce the nominations it receives; any announcements are performed by the nominators (such as Nesvik).

    The allegations that the article is sensationalistic or speculative are simply false. The article refers directly to its source and more information could have been found with a simple Google search for “bush blair nobel” or by finding Nesvik’s e-mail address in the Norwegian Parliament pages (www.stortinget.no). I managed to find the latter despite speaking not a word of Norwegian.

· April 2002 ·

  1. Anja

    Well, if Bush can have the world dancing by his tune, why not the Nobel Peace Prize Committee as well? It’s not surprising, it’s just sad.

  2. meoshimo

    Last year, someone i knew fairly well killed himself. At school, the students wanted to make his locker into somewhat of a shrine. The school didn’t allow this because they thought that by decorating his locker, we would be glorifying his death and thereby conveying the idea that suicide is an easy, quick, and acceptable way to end one’s problems. The same thing can apply here. If we allow either bush or blair to win a peace award by promoting war and senseless destruction, we would then make it okay to wage war before diplomatic processes take place. I knew long ago that we would never be able to find Osama bin Laden. Does everybody really think that he would have attacked the World Trade Center without an escape plan? He knows that outside of the countries we don’t arm first, there is no one who is a threat to us. When his father died, he left all of his children thirty billion dollars each. bin Laden is sick (medically speaking), but with however much of the thirty billion dollars is left, he would have found a way to survive in the desert. this war on terrorism is a w.a.s.t.e. of time. Terrorism has been around ever since the first tribes started settling in europe and asia. Like all evil, it will be here intil the end of time.

  3. David in Maine (USA)

    From Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

    If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.

    But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.

    And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

    A Prayer [author unknown to me]:

    Dear God,

    My belief is that we have to fight the enemy. Please remind me the real enemies are the false beliefs in my mind.

    My belief is the world is unsafe. Please remind me you are my safety wherever I go.

    My belief is that I can’t trust any One. Please be my experience of trust with whomever I encounter.

    My belief is that I have no choice but to defend myself. Please remind me how powerful Your Presence is within me.

    My belief is that it is us against them. Please remind me there is only us, so we may all win.

    My belief is letting go to You is frightening. Please remind me You hold me in Your Heart every step of the way.

    My belief is that I am surrounded by evil and darkness. Please shine away these shadows with Your Light.

    I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired about the way the world is. Please show me what is real through Your Vision.

    Please save me from my beliefs, and give me Your Choice: forgiveness, healing, awakening.

· May 2002 ·

  1. Keirsebelik

    This is really crazy. Those who make war, those who enjoy killing are nominated for nobel price??? This is satiricon. Remember the Bush family allways suported the right wing covernements as f.a. Prescoth Bush, grandfather of George, helped Hitler getting the power. George and Blair are not peace makers. In the name of Democraty, Freedom and justice, they want to concer the world as America did already for a bigg part. No no, Nobelprice for those two killers is a bad joke.

  2. Jean-Marc Beauchesne

    C’est compl�tement absurde! Le gouvernement � les mains souill�es de sang avec tous les gestes pos�es par la CIA depuis des d�cennies pour soit-disant prot�ger l’Am�rique. La guerre en afghanistant est loiin de faire exception… George BUSH et Tony Blair Prix Nobel de la paix: c’est une farce? Le sweul prix qu’ils m�rite serait celui du prix Nobel pour �tre le plus grand trou de cul du monde… non mais sans farce… Jean-Marc Beauchesne Canada

  3. nicole keehn

    There will be no peace until the peoples of the world realise that there are no gods to protect or reward them and that their fate is in their own hands. With this in mind they will be able to look at each other in a different way. The earth is our domaine, it does not belong to one nation in particular but to all. If we learn to love our earth, we will in the end learn to accept and love each other as we are. By this process only our minds will be ready to acquire the knowledge of our origin.

  4. clara jecsmen

    Human Nature…we are so different by culture, religion…nature. We were, and we always going to be.Being in power is in our nature Peace is achived by either being ignorant or punching back. Where should we start arguing for peace? By defining Human Rights ? Are we going to consider other’s religion when we do this?? Do we have right to try enforcing our idea’s on other countries?? Do we have the right or is it our obligation to interfere in other countries conflicts? Plus all these are hinted with pure politics, where money rules. Bush isn’t a leader, he is a puppet that money controlls…controlls us also:how much we know/news ,true info available/ tries controlling our mind and beilives BUT he sould never be approved for Nobel Peace Prize, as he does not stands for peace. Wold Peace..by all countries uniting in one common agreement by finding exceptable solutions/rules to some of the above questions and more… and being accountable for all actions.World Court… could be the answer.

  5. Pineke

    George W. Bush should get invited for Howard Stern’s Turkish Millionaire, that’s the kind of competition where people like him use to be. And answer these questions:

    What is the capital of India? Are the black people in Brasil ?

· September 2002 ·

  1. Sergio Méndez

    Hi Stheathen ( is Maldoror, from IRC). Somehow i am not amazed of this. The question is…there is any petition online or something I can use to stop this madness? Thanks.

  2. Sergio Méndez

    Hi Stheathen ( is Maldoror, from IRC). Somehow i am not amazed of this. The question is…there is any petition online or something I can use to stop this madness? Thanks.

· October 2002 ·

  1. Flavio Rosati (Italy)

    Don’t worry! It isn’t true! It can’t be true. It must be a terrible nightmare. Please, wake me soon!!!

· November 2002 ·

  1. Bob Martin

    Son, we live in a world with walls and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s going to do it? You?

    You live and breathe under the blanket of protection that president bush provides and then you question the manner in which he provides it. I’d prefer you just say thank you, and be on your way. Or, if you prefer, pick up a gun and stand a post. But either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to!

— 2003 —

  1. john

    That braindead alcoholic peabrain from Texas is gone bring peace by the distruction of the whole world if he has to . And Tony Blare along with Australia’s bum licking Prime Miniscule, Howard are going to profit immensly from that and plunge us Non priviledged back to the dark ages if they are allowed to get away with their plans for us.

  2. Clemens Schachenhofer

    Does anybody know the e-mail address of george w. bush and the one of tony blair? I have only one “president@whitehouse.gov” but I�m afraid noone is reading what comes in there. their just sending autoreturns within some seconds. Please post them here if you know a better one! I would like to practice some FREEDOM OF SPEECH and ask them some QUESTIONS. I just cannot watch the plans those two “gentlemen” are after. But CNN e.a. are doing bretty good work in letting wars of the us-government and comlices look “CLEAN” (I think I`ve got nothing more to add: “clean wars” and “blinding bright nights”, “hot snow”…)

  3. diana recagno

    Profits, profits. Prizes offer profits. Western countries need profits. Northern vs.Southern hemisphere, profit. Happy go lucky western boys and girls play war , really. Stop WAR and Empire!!!!! From deep south argentinian woman deciding not to support wolves any more.

  4. M.C. Warren

    Why do you people trust Saddam Hussein rather than the President of the United States and Tony Blair? Do you support Saddam? I’m sure you can all immigrate to Iraq at any time at all. Maybe you could get a job as a professional rapist or torturer.

    Do any of you have a job in which you actually produce something useful to society?

    All joking aside why don’t you all go to Iraq or N.Korea to live??

    You are not needed in a productive, peacefull society.

  5. Natalie M.

    Wow, you just demonstrated your ignorance beautifully. I swear, is there ever any conservative hate mail without improper grammer and spelling mistakes? Do you people even go to school, or just pick your teeth and smoke blunts behind the outhouse? Read a newspaper before you open your mouth next time. It’s idiots like you that make other nations hate the US.

  6. Laura Ibarra

    I can’t believe that when i heard it! It’s the most stupid thing that i’ve ever heard!

    I’m from Mexico, and a reporter once say President Fox can be nominated for the Nobel of Peace, only for be against the war and for help mexican soldiers in Iraq. There was a little funny, but is better than Bush and Blair get the prize.

    Many people has arised their own voices to protest for the war. Why not nominate half world for the prize? Why is not nominated French, for instance?

    War is not peace. War will never be peace. To kill people is not to make peace. Someone who cause the death of children is not making peace. Someone who makes suffer people can’t have a heart inside. Can’t speak about peace. The genocide is the saddest thing in the world and not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Not in our world.

            Laura Ibarra.

    (sorry for the mistakes, i’m learning english)

  7. Aurora Avila

    It has been very ease for Bush to ignore the continued agression of Isreal. Its easy to say that the all the Palestinian are terrorists but they have died for a cause! We are not disliked or hated because of all we have, it’s our policy towards other countries, and that we choose to ignore their pain and suffering. I think it’s a joke. God help us if they do get it.

  8. Ali Emami

    Save The World! Have we ever asked ourselves if it’s time to do some thing different besides what we have been doing so far? We wrote what we wanted to write, we whispered any whisper that was in our hearts, we told anything we wanted to ask, we wanted to say, we wanted to shout…, posted our emotional sentences, discussions, journals and tried to find and express that lovely truth, wished, prayed required for that sweet desire… BARED, tolerated and paid any price very close to our LIVES, and risked… watched thedarkness of nights into clear mornings… and hoped and hoped and hoped… . Isn’t it time not to come back just with broken arms and legs and nothing else, any more? Isn’t it time to not say farewell and write and become desperate without any result after all? Isn’t it time to look to a more reasonable solution. With what we do.

    From today on let’s be serious. Now we should really mind and ask ourselves why not, and wait untill there is an answer… . Is it the only way? Is it the only solution what we are doing? To whom we say? To whom we write? Whom are we expecting to accomplish what we want? Do we really say about some people: “They do not believe in preforming the laws. They do not listen to anything others say, and our reasons. They just repeat their reasons and do what they want to do anyways and in any condition… !” And then expect everyone to listen to what we say and accomplish what we want? We should LAUGH at ourselves if we do so! It is like we say: “He is deaf!”, and then ask him to do some thing! Yes, we should laugh at ourselves if we do it… .

    The fact is that the problem we are facing is some thing different from that we would think until now. The problem is in the SYSTEM that does what it wants to do, even illegally, and always with the same reasons whether we bring reasons against them or we don’t, whether we say: “War is not the way to SOLVE the problem of Terrorism, through this way, Terrorism just will be postponed, not solved, like you cut a plant while its root is still in the soul; But through the lawful and logical way Terrorism will be solved and uprooted… . Is Bin Laden killed? Is Saddam killed? How many innocent people are killed until now??” , ” The US regeim and its basic policies are still the same as that they were in 1976, 1980, 1987, 1992 and etc, when they would train, supply, support and let the Saddam’s regim remain. If Saddam’s regim has to be removed, as the punnishment of Terrorism, then then the US regim and its basic policies also have to be removed, as the punnishment of terrorism! And if the US government says it had made mistakes in those days, means it has accepted that the punnishment will be fair for it!” , “If you want to destroy Iraq, they you have to pay your money to rebuild it, that is what you did not do about Afghanistan and got other countries to pay their money!” , ” You want to bring democracy and freedom of choice for the people in Iraq? If you do it by violance and killing them that you do, the people will be affraid then, and will have no choice to accept anything you want them to do. Then can it be called democracy or freedom of choice!?” , “If there is some thing wrong in Iraq or the people over there can not rule their country, the UN is responsible, not you! And if you say the UN is not strong enough to do that or stop Saddam, you should bring about a stronger UN or any international commitee, not war!!” , and another reason and another reason and another reason or we don’t say; Seems that there is no difference between that we tell them our reasons and that we don’t tell them, as if anything they decide is inevitable! Yes it is!

    If we think about this, we can find an element in this matter, and this element is not a new thing! It has existed along the history. It is the way all the cruel rulers and kings did their oppressions through, and it is the way the crimer bands do their crimes and illegal actions through. Actually it is the way that the people who have invaded the rights of others, have done it through this way. This element is basically a wrong use of power and IT IS the main problem we are facing, and is called “The Logic of Power”. It is one of the uncivilized behaviours that has been appeared in humans as it is in conflict with democracy and liberty, and its philosephy is that if you have power more than that others have, then others are not able to invade your rights but you are able to invade the rights of others, for your own benefit or any other purpus! In the other language, it can be described by this classic conversation: ” :Hey man, you are wrong! :I know, but I have power!”. Of course anyone who has such a logic, may not bring the reason in the conversation directly and may express the same think through indirect ways. So you see that it does not matter for who has power more than others, to say “it is night” when it is day, according to the logic of power.

    Today you think about that we are facing the logic of power. Can really oral or written protests stop it? Can really asking, demonstrating and requesting stop it? Even if all of the people of the world do them? Hell, if there is logic of power, it can easily ignore and refuse all of them, so now? Doesn’t that mean our such actions are not enough? Then “What should we do?” is the question we have to ask ourselves.

    The logic of power, like other poisons, has an antipoison; And it is that we should know. Its antipoison is this: A Higher Power From The Other side. And the way to produce this antipoison is one word: “ALLIANCE”. Let’s look into the history, how did the story of the powers that did their oppressions ,throgh the logic of power, end? People allied against them? Supportings, approvals and joinings together strengthened a higher power side to remove them? To describe the matter in today’s language, refer to the example of crimer bands in a country. They commit their crimes and easily break the law, through the logic of power. Just imagine, How are they stopped every time? It can instantly be seen, People come together, They make a central government, The central government brings up a countrywide “Police”. The police is nothing but a higher power side for any gorilla side that has power. Then that higher power(police) doesn’t let the crimers to continue their crimes and break the law anymore, according to the belief of the crimers, the logic of power. Actually the crimers do not DARE to continue their crimes anymore, after they face a higher power than theirs, the police.

    Now just consider the world as a country. Obviousely the type of the relations, comunications, requirements and many other things, has made the world be considered as a great country, And we are the people of that country. Now can’t the example of the operation of police be true also in this case? Why not? The crimers break the international law, since they believe in the logic of power; but the international police plays as an antipoison as it has higher power than the crimers and finally the crimers will be disabled,. Never mistake this arresting operation of the police with a “War”; It is like when in a country, the central police arrests the biggest criminal group in that country, Then can you say a war has happened inside that country? No! It has no sighn of a war although both sides have power.

    Now it is time to know what the problem we are complaining about is. Imagine that the central police of your country, your government and any system that is responsible for preforming the law, to any reason such as not having enough power, CAN NOT stop a criminal band in your country! Truthfully and seriously ask yourself: “What should we do now?”. I just let you answer this question yourslef, And know that the incoming answer is what needed to be done in the world by the people of the world today.

    If the current UN was ok, it could stop Saddam’s regim before, and also it could stop the US government that isa combatant against the UN.We should see if we can strengthen and raise the efficiency of the current UN, international court, law makers and the preformers of the international law; Or maybe we should stablish new ones; Or what else can we do? Answer this question and do what you will tell yourself to do. I assure you that the answers of everyone will be the same thing, BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION! If you are doubting, you can tell others any answer you will receive from yourself. Only if you imagine the country example as well, you can give an answer to this question.

    YES! This is the question we should answer to save the world, to save the human race, to save peace, stability and security, to save freedom, to save the global democracy, to save the civilization and to stop the insane power that is going to destroy the world and murder humans through the logic of power, turn by turn and country after country. We can not do anything? Believe that unless you think so, really we can not. If you think we can not, that is because we have not known ourselves and found the great ability we have or we don’t look at what we have in our hands. Why alliance is still a fiction in our eyes? Why do we look at ourselves as individuals or devided small colonies? We can be together, all of us from all over the world! In no time along the history there has not been an issue that most of the world were in agreement on it, BUT NOW THERE IS! Could anyone dream such a worldwide real agreement about a matter before?! Have you imagined the example and answered the question about what we should do? If you do it, you will see that we can get allied and we can as well!

    The insane gorilla power of the world, the US government, thinks it can break about 200 single woodsticks. For sure it can break them if the woodsticks are not collected as one unit, but when they are collected, there will be a thick trunk and nobody thinks about breaking it! Never forget that the United States of America owns 41% of the whole military faculty of the world. Why do we always underestimate ourselves just because 41% is alot for one country? Why don’t we think about that the rest of the world own 59% of the whole military faculty of the world? No, It has no meaning of a world war, because then we are a SANE higher power and we do not believe in the logic of power(just like arresting operation of the police that does not make war in a country). It means the “Balance Of Power” in the world must be set to our side. Why it has not been so yet, since the rest of the world has a higher 59% power? Because only one thing has been missed and that is ALLIANCE. No, The rest of the world did not come together anytime and therefore, the balance of power has always been to the side which had only 41% although 59% is more, And the reason is that the non-allied 41% can not be called a “Side”!

    So let’s move on today. Do not say: “It takes a long time so that the rest of the world come together or any alliance happens.” ! You will not say it anymore if you think about the event that happened in Iran in 1979, as a good example. A steady powerful kingdom that had been lasting for 2500 years was quite down in not longer than 24 hours, without any war being happened within that time! Still not all groups were come together before, but as soon as all got allied IN ONE MOMENT, they were successful in one day. What made them come together? Just being in agreement about one matter ALTHOUGH THEY WERE NOT IN AGREEMENT ABOUT OTHER THINGS. So let’s believe ourselves and the main role we have that can change anything! It does not need much time to come together if all of us want it; If any “Time” is needed for it, that is the time for making everybody conveinced to want it! And if everyone wants the alliance, a short time will be needed.

    There is no doubt that the part of us that contains governments and political parties have more tools and ability than people, but people do not have less ability though! The language of people is more effective in this matter; If they come together, they will have power as in this case things like boycotting and lots of economical ways such as not working or striking and too many other things in different aspects, may happen any time!

    When most of the world are together in belief about this matter, how come they are not toghether to have power? Of course the part of us, that is the honorable US nation, has some excuses and can not have our abilities and tools. We have to notify that the glorious people living in USA, are beside the gun of their government, so they have no choice to support it and accept anything it wants and show themselves against us. We should look at what they really believe in. Most of them believe in what we say, but they can not express it, however, some of them are never afraid and are admirable. We know that their government is not democrate; If it was, it would not need to acclaim having democracy, because if it was really democrate, it was seen and acclaiming was not needed this much. It is needed so that the truth that has been not believeing in any international law and nothing but the logic of power, becomes covered. In the present time, it is not too hard to find the truth; Everyone saw how the US government broke the international law, that it had signatured before, and started the war quite illegally without the permition of the UN; And it is the reason why we call it agurilla .. Never doubt in what you see if the US government brings reasons against it. If the reasons were true, the UN would have no reason against them and would give the permition. So we can say the reasons that the US government brings for the war are nothing but APOLOGIES. The crimers think they should bring reasons because they think still there are some brains that can be fooled or plaid tricks on. A day if they think there is nobody that they can fool, they will stop telling lies and will show their real face that is the logic of power. Another sign is that their reasons are always the same and they do not care our reasons against theirs; And if a country or association invites them to a discussion or dialogue, they will refuse it right after; If you want to see, you can test it if you can.

    In the present time there is no choice but that the rest of the world stop the crimers by making a higher power in front of them. Protesting only by tongue and pen, does not have any advantage if we do not do it by effective activities; crimers do not care being just hated or not having a diplomacy if there is the logic of power! We should do with our world anywhat we do if the responsible system in our countries can not or do not have enough power to stop domestic grillas We have enough ability to do it through effective ways such as boycotting, getting back our money, strikings, elections and lots more. We can afford our requirements if we are toghether. All of these things should be done in a GLOBAL scale!

    As you see, alliance is the first thing that is needed and there is not much time needed to achieve it if all of us know it is the only solution and want it. Let’s come together, EVEN FOR A TEMPORRARY TIME before more innocent people DIE in different countries. Always remember that the crimers acclaim SAVING PEOPLE, but they want to do it through criminals ways, they want to destroy countries one after another, they want to kill people in order to save them! It means they think people are idiots, but we must not be idiots and stop them killing us. WE are people, so WE must decide for ourselves and WE must save the world. Save the world! Good Luck! Ali Emami

  9. Kavita

    The book “1984” was horrifying. The reality is worse. The “Proles” are sleeping, and the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  10. Rizz

    I have just seen the programme on BBC1 about Iraq, I always was against war on Iraq, look what happened to Afghanistan , no money , no food , no jobs , and yet USA and UK claim Victory . I now believe Blair & Bush are trying to take over the world . New world order. Let us all stop them before they kill us all as well .

  11. Charles W Sherred

    To nominate Bush and Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard! Since when does making war equate to making peace? To top it off the war on Iraq is totally unjustified. Iraq has never been an eminent threat to the United States or Britain. To present the prize to Bush and Blair would be an embarassment to worthy past recipients. Even the nomination is an insult to peace loving people from around the world.

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