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Posts from October 2002

Time to Fight for Peace

Excuse me, but could someone please, please, please explain to me what the bloody hell the point is of going to the UN and demanding that Iraq allow arms inspectors to re-enter the country—and then when they do allow arms inspectors to re-enter the country, turning around and declaring that we don’t give a damn and we’ll bomb ’em back to the Stone Age, anyway?

Also, could someone explain to me why the hell the Democratic leadership in DC has insisted on not just being spineless and amoral—I expect that out of them—but also politically suicidal? It’s one thing to be yellow-bellied, but it’s quite another to just roll over and allow this sloped-brow thug to run around and play international cowboy in a painfully transparent and obvious attempt at an October Surprise before the mid-term Congressional elections. Are the War Party toadies in Congress that committed to spreading death and destruction far and wide? Or are they just that oblivious to the fact that the American public still is nowhere near sold on war against Iraq, with a majority opposing unilateral action and opposing a commitment that would result in serious American casualties and opposing a war that would result in Iraqi civilian casualties?

I mean, for crying out loud, how pathetic is it when Al fucking Gore is the only high-level Democrat who is making sense on this issue? According to Zogby, 22% of Americans rate the economy and jobs as the single most important issue in the upcoming election–which is more people than any other issue pulled. The war was the most influential issue for only 10% of the people. And, as Gore has pointed out, George W. Bush is presiding over the worst economy slump since… well, since George H. W. Bush was President. The whole administration is asleep at the wheel, but the administration is using their ridiculous antics toward Iraq in a painfully obvious attempt to keep his War Party toadies on the other side of the aisle from giving him the media plastering he so richly deserves.

Take Action

We have about a week left to act. Congress is still debating whether or not to give Bush the resolution he wants; but there’s still time to get the Democrats’ heads out of their asses and convince them to stand firm against Mr. Bush’s war. First, sign Michael Moore’s pledge to let the Democrats know we’re not fucking around: You’re either with us, or you’re fired!. Second, call your Senators and Representative and—firmly but politely—demand that they vote against further aggression against Iraq. If they are Democrats, remind them that the election is coming up and insist that they hold the administration accountable for its economic failures instead of letting it get away with its Wag the Dog strategy. Third, write a letter to the editor of your local paper speaking out against war on Iraq. Finally, talk to your friends, and make sure that everyone knows what bullshit this sabre-rattling is. The elections are coming up and Congress-critters will be watching the signs of public opinion very carefully.

We are faced with an administration that is just a step short of overtly speaking of global empire. Every day they are acting in an even more lawless and aggressive fashion. There’s time left to stop them, but we have to get our shit together now, draw a line in the sand, and fight hard. Will we win on Iraq? Who knows. But whether we do or not, if we don’t unite now, we are doomed to lose on everything else.

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