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Posts from November 2019

What I’m Reading: New York Times Magazine on Podcasting “Nobodies” and Their Fans

This manages both to be wildly, overtly mean-spirited and smug, while also a relatively interesting read about something that is noticeable and remarkable (viz., the proliferation and flourishing of many kinds of mid-size to small fan communities).[1]

Shared Article from nytimes.com

Even Nobodies Have Fans Now. (For Better or Worse.)

Online fan culture clings to everything. Case in point: podcasts.

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari @ nytimes.com

  1. [1]Of course, like many other ventures by the New York Times into How We Live, it is a Dataless Trend Story, which manages to find N=2 fans to talk to, interviews or quotes N=3 people involved in the business of podcasting, advertising, and Patreon, and mentions a total of N=13 podcasts (most of them only a passing reference in a single sentence). An extended passage is devoted to discussing Game of Thrones, which is a perfectly conventional millions-strong SF/Fantasy television fandom centered around one of the most widely viewed and commercially successful television shows of the past decade.
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