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The State of the Union speech will be given tonight at 9:00pm ET (8:00pm CT). I don’t know yet whether I will bother to sit through the whole thing or not; but in any case here is a sort of pre-emptive summary:

Good evening. Lies, lies, lies. Self-serving hypocritical rhetoric. Simplistic misrepresentation of facts... ... Naked emotional appeals, and more damned lies. Thank you, good night. (comic courtesy of Tom Tomorrow)


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    Mis-State of the Union

    Well, as it turns out I did sit through it, and my pre-emptive strike was completely justified. (Although the same cannot be said for Mr. Bush.) The lies were transparent enough, but you can find a more detailed postmortem…

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    Geekery Today:

    Same Old, Same Old

    I suppose that I’ll read some of the commentary on the speech tomorrow. But, as happens so often with this administration, it’s just the same…