The Spitting Image, Only Funny If You Liked the Same Movies as Me in High School Edition

What is it that so unsettles me about Alberto Gonzales? Is it the coziness with torture and indifference to minimal norms of civilization? Or is it the haughty and contemptuous defense of Caesarian executive power? The rapid turns he routinely makes between dissembling, palavering, and baring the sharpened fangs in a grin or a snarl?

Yes, of course that all worries me. But there’s something else, a certain I-cannot-say-what. It’s in the hair, the eyes, the posture, the facial expression, the shape of the headI’ve seen it before. But where? Oh, yeah.

Alberto Gonzales leans his blocky-shaped head forward during testimony Ron Perlman's character leans his blocky-shaped head forward and grins a predatory grin while leaning forward in The Last Supper

I’m just sayin’.

(No personal jabs at Ron Perlman intended, by the way–if you don’t recognize the film and the character from the still, this almost certainly won’t be funny to you, but for the record, it’s from The Last Supper (1995). Just so you know.)


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  1. Sergio Méndez

    Not funny. The guy from the movie looks like me when I will be old :(

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