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In five words or fewer #2: Michael McHale on the 50-shot police murder of Sean Bell

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 18 years ago, in 2006, on the World Wide Web.

Officer Michael McHale (2006-11-30), on reactions to the 50-shot police murder of Sean Bell:

I love all you monday morning quarterbacks. You really don't have a clue. I sometimes wonder why law enforcement officers offer there lives for the likes of you, your not worth it. … But, hey, as you go through everyday lives don't worry we will continue to DIE to protect you so you can make more money and get more things. Because it is our mission to Serve and Protect, even you.

I never asked you to.

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  1. labyrus

    I think NWA said it best in just 3 words.

  2. Sergio Méndez

    Such a way NYPD has to “protect” citizens….shooting them down without mercy

  3. Aster Francesca

    Given the number of victimless criminals in prison and the extent of the Drug War, I think the primary mission of the police is to ruin human lives.

  4. John Markley

    This is the classic defense whenever armed employees of the state misbehave: if we ever do anything worthwhile, ever, this excuses any and every mistake, outrage, and atrocity we may also happen to commit, no matter how awful. Thus, the state’s agents become completely immune to criticism. Very convenient.

  5. Rad Geek


    Oh, you bet. The NYPD is all about protection. In fact, the NYPD is already protecting the hell out of potential witnesses as we speak.


    Incidentally, guess what that gang of trigger-happy undercover cops was doing drinking at a Queens strip club at 4:00 in the morning, anyway?

    Answer: The shooting happened as the police were undercover in the club, Club Kalua, to investigate reports of prostitution and drug dealing.

    If it weren’t for the cops’ professional interest in hunting peaceful people down and locking them in cages, Sean Bell would be enjoying his honeymoon today.

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