Silly season

This ad is nothing more than a series of strawmen. Still, it may be the most exciting race to watch in this campaign season. In any case a lot more turns on it than whether or not I personally choose to vote for Ron Paul.

(Via Majikthise 2007-12-10.)


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  1. bunty

    As far as the real candidates go, Gravel gets my vote for the best campaign vids by several light-minutes.

    His rock + lake one was a masterpiece in terms of illustrating the solidist/fluidist dialectic so inherent to the very semiotic ontology of contemporary U.S. American politics.

    The fire one I didn’t like quite so much, but it still provided a far better analysis of the problems with a fiat currency based fractional reserve banking system than anything St Ron. has said on the matter.

    But then, actually teaming up with Rx2008…

    Chapeaux, Mr Gravel!

    (e.d. not that I want to be seen saying good things about anyone running for office, dunces and rogues the lot of them, as Emma put it.)

  2. Discussed at


    Mike Gravel mashup…

    HT: Rad Geek, by way of commenter, bunty….

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