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Silly season

This ad is nothing more than a series of strawmen. Still, it may be the most exciting race to watch in this campaign season. In any case a lot more turns on it than whether or not I personally choose to vote for Ron Paul.

(Via Majikthise 2007-12-10.)


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  1. bunty

    As far as the real candidates go, Gravel gets my vote for the best campaign vids by several light-minutes.

    His rock + lake one was a masterpiece in terms of illustrating the solidist/fluidist dialectic so inherent to the very semiotic ontology of contemporary U.S. American politics.

    The fire one I didn’t like quite so much, but it still provided a far better analysis of the problems with a fiat currency based fractional reserve banking system than anything St Ron. has said on the matter.

    But then, actually teaming up with Rx2008…


    Chapeaux, Mr Gravel!

    (e.d. not that I want to be seen saying good things about anyone running for office, dunces and rogues the lot of them, as Emma put it.)

  2. Discussed at majikthise.typepad.com


    Mike Gravel mashup…

    HT: Rad Geek, by way of commenter, bunty….

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