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Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 16 years ago, in 2008, on the World Wide Web.

(From a lot of places; most recently, Make No Laws 2008-09-30.)

Here’s the latest cheeky commemorative t-shirt from the Denver Police Protective Association.

It's a black t-shirt with a cartoon of a giant policeman looming over the skyline of Denver, holding an oversized bat, with the caption "We get up early, to BEAT the crowds / 2008 DNC

A laugh riot, I’m sure. According to CBS 4 Denver, every cop in Denver gets a shirt for free; cops for neighboring police departments, like the Lakewood police and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, have been clamoring for the shirts and have ordered dozens more. abc 7 NEWS in Denver tells us that the shirt pokes fun at DNC protesters. For reference, here’s how Officer Scott Stewart poked some fun at a protester named Alicia Forrest:

This past Tuesday, the Denver District Attorney’s office publicly refused to pursue assault and battery charges against Officer Scott Stewart, the violent thug seen in this video hollering Back up, bitch and knocking an unarmed woman, who posed absolutely no physical threat to anybody, down to the ground by smashing her with the long end of his baton. The cops say that there will be an internal investigation, which of course means that absolutely nothing will happen to hold this dangerous hollering misogynistic batterer accountable for what he did, or to protect the public from his violence.

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  1. Mike Gogulski

    This stuff is so sick. Depersonalize the “enemy”, divide, conquer. It’s sad to consider that with the Renaissance and the Enlightenment already centuries old, this kind of piggishness can still find expression.

  2. Nick Manley

    These guys must be trying to model themselves after the Cheka or the Gestapo.

  3. Josh Rhodes

    Somehow, this reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns blocks out the sun, and Smithers finally defects, saying, “He crossed the line from ordinary, everyday villainy to cartoonish supervillainy.”

  4. Roderick T. Long

    Don’t be hatin’, maybe Mr. Burns was a candlemaker.

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