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Rad Geek Speaks: “The Revolution Will Be Made of People,” at Liberty Forum, Nashua, New Hampshire, March 20th, 2010

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

On Saturday, March 20th, I will be speaking at the Free State Project’s 2010 Liberty Forum in Nashua, New Hampshire. Liberty Forum runs from March 18-21; I’m honored to be on the same roster of speakers as Brad Spangler, Scott Bieser, Anthony Gregory, William Norman Grigg, Radley Balko, David Friedman, Angela Keaton, and Jason Talley. My own talk is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th from 11:00am – 11:45am in the Amphiteater. Here’s what I’ll be talking about:

The Revolution Will Be Made Of People: Anarchy, Direct Action, and Free-Market Social Justice

Freedom is not a conservative idea. It is not a prop for corporate power and the political-economic statist quo. Libertarianism is, in fact, a revolutionary doctrine, which would undermine and overthrow every form of state coercion and authoritarian control. If we want liberty in our lifetimes, the realities of our politics need to live up to the promise our principles — we should be radicals, not reformists; anarchists, not smaller-governmentalists; defenders of real freed markets and private property, not apologists for corporate capitalism, halfway privatization or existing concentrations of wealth. Libertarianism should be a people’s movement and a liberation movement, and we should take our cues not from what’s politically polite, but from what works for a revolutionary people-power movement. Here’s how.

WHAT: The Revolution Will Be Made of People, speech and Q&A with Charles Johnson

WHEN: Saturday, March 20th, 11:00am – 11:45am

WHERE: Liberty Forum 2010, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Somerset Pkwy, Nashua, New Hampshire. (Details aqui.)

Many, many thanks are due to Tennyson McCalla for working to get this arranged and seeing the arrangements through.

See you in New Hampshire!

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  1. Gary Chartier

    Charles, your work is consistently first-rate, but this sounds likely to be especially memorable. I envy you the chance to present as part of what looks like an excellent lineup of speakers. I’m very sorry I won’t be on-hand to listen to the talk, and I look forward eagerly to a video or text version.

  2. georgedonnelly

    I’m looking forward to this. You might want to check out the AltExpo as well. The AltExpo is an agoristic competitor to the Liberty Forum that runs concurrently and in the same hotel. We not only focus on agorism and other practical matters but the event itself is an experiment in agorism.

  3. Michael Wiebe

    Keep up the great work, Charles.

  4. Scott Bieser

    I’m flattered to make your short list of the luminaries who will be speaking at the Liberty Forum. Also a bit nervous, as this will be my first speech to a libertarian audience in almost two decades. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you there.

  5. heather reddy

    It’s great to hear you giving this perspective. As I have said before, in other forums, I think the typical breed of right wing libertarian should be taxed for their obnoxious beliefs (benefits going directly to single mothers) and, if they do not repent, beaten. With union made crowbars. Supervised by unionized, handsomely paid disabled people.

    It’s sad, really, that the term has fallen into such disrepair; that “libertarian” essentially means someone with an inconsistent ideology and predictable cluster of beliefs — it’s as meaningless, for colloquial purposes, as “democrat” or “republican.” It’s good to know people like you, who consider as liberty essential things like food, healthcare, the right to make our own society and accept or reject authority. Your beliefs have really flourished over the years. I feel honored to know you.

  6. heather reddy

    I also echo Gary Chartier’s request for a text version. You know where to find me!

  7. AnarcSyn

    wow… this is exciting… and the only reason i’d have to mingle at a “free state” event w/ the pot, gun and property ‘libertarians’ who only offer the liberty to choose a master in their Randlantis State…

    okay fine, yes i’m biased toward Rocker and Goldman, thats a given.. but, i just have to hear you speak, and really look forward to it..

    wow, Rad comes to the puckerbrush !!!

  8. Morey

    Very cool. I was already looking forward to seeing you there. Now I’m just giddy. This is exactly what freestaters need to hear.

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