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How to Save Money On Books

Just buy these two. The Law of Excluded Middle proves, apriori, you won’t need any others:

Here's a phot of two books.

1. Philip Delves Broughton, What They Teach You at Harvard Business School. 2. Mark H. McCormack, What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School (subtitled: Notes from a Street-Smart Executive).

Tertium non datur.

(Via Anna O. Morgenstern.)

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  • Chronic Ironic Postergirl of the nineties. Theis Søndergaard, Wired Reread (2010-03-12). Scan originally appeared in Wired 03.11, November 1995. What I find truly ironic about the 90's was that none of us teenagers back then had yet grasped the distinction between irony and sarcasm, thus we coined the phrase Chronic Ironic about our extensive use of sarcasm, unwittingly doing something incredibly... (Linked Wednesday 2010-03-31.)

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