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Posts from March 2001

Interview: Alison Bechdel for Gay.com

A great interview with Alison Bechdel, cartoonist of Dykes to Watch Out For

Grassroots Infrastructure and the Real Internet Revolution

There is a person on IndyMedia beginning a series of articles on Building a Global Grassroots Infrastructure-1, development of the IMC network which promises to be a good exploration of how the Internet is enabling real democratic mass communications. In short, how we can take all the Internet execs’ phony rhetoric about revolution and start making it into a reality.

Generational Politics in the Feminist Movement and the Erosion of Support for Abortion Rights

Good articles on feminist topics on Salon are few and far between, but this one was a really excellent analysis of some of the dynamics of the erosion of support for abortion rights, and how both the Clinton administration’s feel-good liberalism, and generational politics within big repro rights groups like NOW and NARAL have helped shut young women (and boys) out of pro-choice organizing and fighting for the pro-choice message.

On the other hand, the Feminist Majority Foundation has done some very interesting work on the more specific dynamics of this change: support for legalized abortion (as opposed to taking up politicized labels like pro-choice) has been making slow but steady progress over the past few decades, but support for anti-choice restrictions on abortions have also been growing in popularity. Not too surprising given the intense organizing that the anti-abortion Right has been putting into the chipping away tactics to limit access to abortion as much as possible.

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