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Savage Anti-Gay Violence in Pennsylvania

Two brothers in Middleburg, PA will face trial for attempted murder in yet another savage anti-gay beating [Advocate.com]. The victim has been left permanently comatose. If you live in Alabama, please call or write your state Representative in support of HB 423, which has just been sent to the House floor for consideration. The bill will add sexual orientation to the provisions of Alabama’s hate crimes bill, and was introduced in response to the similarly brutal 1999 beating death of Billy Jack Gaither.

To find your state representative by your ZIP code, go to http://www.legislature.state.al.us/misc/zipsearch.html and enter your ZIP code. Once you have your Representative’s name, you can contact her/his office by telephone at (334) 242-7600 and asking for her/his telephone extension. You can also contact her/him by snail mail at:

Member’s Name<br/> House of Representatives<br/> 11 South Union Street<br/> Montgomery, AL 36130

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