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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Move Online

Here's a pretty old legacy post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 22 years ago, in 2002, on the World Wide Web.

The anti-choice movement has been working for years to spread disinformation and harassing counseling on abortion through deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which pose as women’s health clinics. In reality, CPCs generally offer only pregnancy tests and use the results to harass and intimidate women with unplanned pregnancies. Some even serve as commercial adoption brokers, directly profiteering from the anti-choice propaganda that they peddle.

In their latest move, CPCs have begun to move online. A Google search for "abortion" returns paid AdWords for online websites which either are directly connected with CPCs, such as ChooseBirth.com, and front projects for CPCs, such as StandUpGirl.com (where you can hear carefully selected and edited testimonials, get phone numbers for national CPC hotlines, and Take a glimpse into the cool world within the womb via 3-D ultrasound and color e-scopy video.

Google’s AdWords and other new web publicity tools are something that we in the pro-choice movement have to be aware of. The antis are already exploiting them to get their agitprop out to women and girls looking for help. We had better start talking about what we can do to better provide and disseminate pro-choice information against the tide of CPCs and their anti-choice supporters.

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  1. Discussed at www.radgeek.com

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— 2006 —

  1. Baby Lover

    I disagree with your stated purpose of CPCs in America. I have volunteered at a CPC in Dallas for almost a year and I am very pro-choice. I am pro choosing life and not killing babies just because a woman doesn’t want another child or doesn’t have the finances. We are a non-profit org. and even though we have assisted with over 300 adoptions since opening, the money is NOT rolling in. Think about it! Abortion is a $450 billion a year industry in America alone. Look at who is getting the profit from unwanted pregnancies!

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