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Definition 2

The first definition comes courtesy of Norman Singleton on the LewRockwell.com Blog:

Definition of Irony

Posted by Norman Singleton at August 29, 2005 08:47 PM

Nat Hentoff endorses creating another unconstitutional educational program to teach the Constitution! One of the Congressional champions of this measure is none other than Ted Kennedy, who wants a constitutional education program that will create more opportunities for internships and service-learning, in order words teach children to dedicate their lives to the state. I don’t think Madison (or even Hamilton) would approve.

Good one, Norm. I’d like to add a second:

i-ro-ny, n.anti-state, anti-war, pro-market anarchists talking as if you should care whether some invasive government program was or was not authorized by the U. S. Constitution.

(See also: Strike the Root 2005-08-30: Disaster Relief? We Need Neocon Relief!)

Come on, now. Put down your pocket copy of the Constitution for a second and read a book, for the love of God. Or a letter for that matter, or a newspaper, or anything else, really.


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