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Some nudes are more naked than others

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 18 years ago, in 2005, on the World Wide Web.

Some days you just wish that you had a GuerrillaSign, like a church bell or a big spotlight that you could shine up on the clouds to call for the Guerrilla Girls wherever they were needed.

A gallery has replaced a painting of a naked man with a female nude after it received dozens of complaints.

The Mark Jason Gallery, in Bell Street, Marylebone, removed the offending image by artist Edd Pearman after more than 30 men voiced their objection.

Some said the picture would upset women, others said it was pornographic.

Mark Jason said: We did not anticipate just how uncomfortable and angry London men would feel about Edd’s screenprint of the naked man.

— BBC 2005-12-10: Male nude a flop with men

Thank goodness that family-friendly female nudes were ready at hand to replace it with. And thank goodness that those selfless men were there to speak up. How else would Mr. Jason have ever found out that the picture would upset women?

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  1. Anna Aniston

    Wow, you don’t even see his penis in the “offensive” screenprint! How sensitive can you get?

  2. Discussed at www.pandagon.net


    That’s the sort of “upset” I think I can tolerate

    Pop quiz: One of these statues is a dreadfully pornographic image of a naked human being and one isn’t. Can you guess which? Well, according to some English art gallery attendees, the unclothed male figure is offensive whereas the…

  3. Rad Geek

    Anna Aniston: Wow, you don�t even see his penis in the offensive screenprint! How sensitive can you get?

    Well, I don’t know whether the image on the story was cropped for purposes of decency or not.

  4. Lady Aster

    ‘Tis a good thing no serious work of Western art has ever shown a naked man before. Especially if the naked man in question happened to be named Adam, David, Zeus, or Apollo.

— 2006 —

  1. Anna Aniston

    Radgeek said: “Well, I don�t know whether the image on the story was cropped for purposes of decency or not.”

    It doesn’t look cropped. You can see his bum and thighs – but no penis.

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