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Dr. Anarchy answers your mail #3: Can This Legislation Be Saved?

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 16 years ago, in 2006, on the World Wide Web.

… the occasional advice column that’s taking the world by storm, one sovereign individual at a time.

Our first letter comes to us from a reader in the United States.

Dear Dr. Anarchy,

How should I reform immigration?

–Perplexed at Positive Liberty


Stop shooting immigrants.

The rest is all details.

Dr. Anarchy.

Our next letter asks what to do when you’re faced with a partner who’s out of control. How can you change his behavior? How can you get him to ease up on you? How can you convince him to let you live your own life?

Dear Dr. Anarchy,

How do we actually reduce the size of government?

–Flummoxed at Freedom Democrats


Secede. I did, and now the size of my government is one (1) person.

Politicians are never going to change. They are never going to stop acting irresponsibly. That is their job. You need to face the facts: it’s time to dump them.

Dr. Anarchy

Dear Dr. Anarchy,

What would you do if you had absolute power? If you were God?

–James Pinkerton

Dear James,

I’d resign.

Dr. Anarchy.

That’s all for today. Just remember, folks: people are more important than power. And everything is simpler when you reject the State as such.

Next week: Dr. Anarchy answers your retirement planning questions!

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  1. John T. Kennedy

    only takes one itchy trigger, one less immigrant wetback nigger…

    I extend my open challenge to the Postive Libertarians:

    Those advocating such immigration control ought to be willing, in principle, to go down and patrol the Mexican border themselves and employ deadly force against a peaceful individual who wants to come mow my lawn.

    So here’s the challenge, will you affirm this?

    Yes, in principle I would be willing to personally shoot and kill that peaceful immigrant if that’s what it took to keep him from coming here to mow your lawn.

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