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Posts from March 2007

Immigrant song

For a lot of reasons, I have wanted to move Rad Geek People’s Daily from MovableType to WordPress for quite a long time. For a lot of other reasons, I have sat around and done nothing about it for quite a long time. But the day is here at last, and I’ve put quite a lot of effort into moving from one to the other. The migration is not, in itself, very hard or time-consuming; but one thing that I wanted to do, which has been time-consuming, is to make very sure that more or less nothing breaks in the transition (URIs, syndication feeds, etc.). So I hope you’ll pardon my dust for a few days while I sort everything out, but I hope that most of the major work is already done. If you notice anything that was working as of yesterday and is working as of today, please give me a holler, so that I can track it down and fix it.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled extended quotations and political diatribes.

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