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The words of St. Paul

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 16 years ago, in 2008, on the World Wide Web.

Here’s a recent dispatch from United Liberty (2008-08-30): Operation St. Paul. Boldface added.

The Western Standard is reporting that Dr. Paul's followers have been hard at work, preparing the twin cities for the influx of RNC delegates. Determined to get the Texas Congressman's message out there, Operation St. Paul was set in motion. Part of the push is in the form of billboards, such as this, showcased in the Minneapolis area.

Dr. Paul's message of freedom is a powerful one, and The Revolution: A Manifesto has become to the Freedom Fighter what a gospel tract is to an evangelical Christian.

Oh, come on. Y’all are making this too easy. It’s so obvious that it’s hardly even fun anymore.

Here's a Cultural Revolution-era propaganda poster of workers thrusting copies of the Little Red Book into the air, with Ron Paul's head photoshopped onto the cover.

Hold high the great red banner of Ron Paul Thought—thoroughly smash the rotting counterrevolutionary revisionist line in Constitutional law!

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  1. Frank Gas

    Time for everyone to re-read “Our Enemy, the State.”

  2. Niccolo

    How dare you question our Dear Leader!!! You will see the trains for this!

  3. shiva

    As someone who lives outside the US, i’m still hoping Paul runs for President as an independent, and hoping he wins. While he would undoubtedly be worse for the US than Obama and possibly even McCain, he would be infinitely better for the rest of the world, simply because he wants to leave it alone…

  4. Darian W

    This reminds me of how ironic it is for a devout follower of Chairman Ron to attack anti-RNC marchers for using the word “comrade” in a chant. I guess labels really are more important than actions.

  5. Belinsky

    I try not to use the term “Paultard” very often, but…

  6. Jeremy

    Har har. I’m all for lambasting the cult of personality aspects of the “Revolution” (though I think Paul himself can hardly be blamed for it).

    Obama published a book, too, ya know – so did McCain.

  7. Rad Geek


    So they did. And if they put up ridiculous Quotations from Chairman _______ billboards like this one, I’ll mock those too. I believe I’ve already hit on the Obamarchy cult, in particular, in the past several days.

    I don’t blame Ron Paul for the cultish behavior of certain Pauliticos. I do blame him for his stupid political positions (cf., for example, 1, 2, 3), but that’s a separate issue.


    Well, Paul is officially done with the Presidential race, and if he were to change his mind tomorrow and to try to get on the ballot, he generally couldn’t (qualification deadlines for independent candidates have mostly passed by now). What he’s doing now is calling on everybody to vote for third party candidates. A lot of his followers are still organizing local or state-level efforts to take over their local GOP outfits.

    Whether a Ron Paul presidency would be better or worse for “the rest of the world” depends on whether or not the people in question intend to try immigrating to the United States at some point in their lives. If they do, then it would be substantially worse, rather than better, since Paul is actually worse on immigration than either major party candidate. If they don’t, then it would be better, since he’s much better on U.S. interventionism than either major party candidate. On the other hand, if the point of comparison includes all the other third-party or independent candidates who have no chance of winning, it’s not clear to me that he’s the best of the third-party peace candidates, either on foreign affairs or on domestic affairs. But, more to the point, these quixotic third-party tilts at the Presidency have, in the current political-legal context, no realistic hope of making any significant political change. So I’d much prefer to devote my time and energy to non-electoral forms of political organizing and activism. (These also have the advantage of not forcing me to wait on the revolutions of a two-to-four-year astronomical cycle.) My only real interest in commenting on the presidential race at all, at this point, is as a sort of cultural commentary, aimed at encouraging people to take a more contemptuous attitude towards it, and to spend more time thinking about other things.

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