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New Jersey ALL

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 16 years ago, in 2008, on the World Wide Web.

ALLy Darian Worden mentioned organizing a New Jersey chapter a while back of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left. Now that he’s freshly returned from taking to the streets in St. Paul, he announced today that New Jersey ALL has entered the world of the webbed at nj.libertarianleft.org.

For a sample of what they’ve been working on, here’s a flyer they used to spread the good news about Direct Action and Mutual Aid to burned-out Ron Paul supporters in St. Paul:

Freedom in chains! Dissent in cages!

The two party system has failed to uphold liberty. The electoral process has failed to restore liberty.

Participating in elections is playing on the tyrants' turf by the tyrants' rules. It is an attempt to wring liberty from a system that is set up to keep the people in chains.

So what is a liberty lover to do? Fortunately there are many approaches. The following suggestions overlap each other and provide effective methods of fighting government oppression.

Think Direct Action – Bypass the rigged political system and instead organize the people to affect the changes you wish to see.

Think Market Based Alternatives – A system of voluntary trade and cooperation is not only more just and productive than statist intervention, but when economic activity is focused on undermining the state, the power of true entrepreneurs can destroy the system of political power and privilege.

Think Mutual Aid – Individuals cooperate for mutual gain and help each other with no centralized control. Looking out for each other is participatory insurance for a free world.

Think Civil Disobedience – Why do you have a conscience if you were not meant to use it? Whether confrontational or not, civil disobedience can be effective at gaining a little liberty now and a lot of liberty tomorrow.

Think Communication – Alternative media and information campaigns can bypass the press and go straight to the people, or exploit the press for liberty's gain.

Instead of working within the system, why not work on building a new society within the shell of the old? Together we can build a society of liberty, where the rights of every individual to life, liberty, and justly acquired property are respected and upheld regardless of race, religion, trade, orientation, or geographical origin.

Free the Markets – Free the People

Agora! Anarchy! Action!




There’s a ready-to-print PDF of the flyer

While you’re at it, also check out ready-to-print PDF of the counter-recruitment flyer that they are posting in the New Jersey area.

And here’s some of what they’re working on now:


Our current projects include loitering law street theater and literature distibution, and counter-recruitment flyering. We are also looking to expand our activist base from its humble beginnings.

Get Involved

To get involved or to just learn more, contact us at nj.libertarianleft (at) gmail.com

— From nj.libertarianleft.org

Welcome to the Revolution, New Jersey ALLies!

As a sidebar, I will mention that the subdomain name and the hosting space are being provided by, well, me. Which I bring up as a way to segue into mentioning that if you (yes, you, gentle reader) happen to be organizing a local ALL chapter, and are in need of a subdomain name (in the format ____.libertarianleft.org), or in need of web hosting, or in need of both, then contact me. While traffic remains relatively low, the hosting will be free. If in the course of the Revoution traffic should spike to the point that I need to upgrade my servers or Internet connection to handle it, I would just ask a nominal fee to help handle the costs–certainly less than anything you’d get from buying a commercial web hosting plan. Solidarity economy and all that, don’t you know.

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