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Every car set aflame is a refusal to negotiate, a blow against the teleology of anarcho-liberalism, a recognition of the radical temporality inherent in the articulation of communes.

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

Confronted with those who refuse to recognize themselves in our conspiracies of destruction, we offer neither sympathy nor criticism, but only our scorn. We must destroy all impotentiality–for once and for all. The pathetic passivity proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with rupture. Our need to riot is less the setting forth of a concept than the elaboration of an event.

Leaving activism behind: Notes on social war / It is necessary commence absolutely; not to dream of new ways to make demands, but to make manifest the subterranean communes in the heart of each car set aflame. What’s needed is not impotentiality, and even far less *mobilization*, but a putting-into-practice of singular rupture, a rejection in all forms of the being of totality. In the setting forth of multiplicities, we shatter those who would have us give up the radical ecstasy of insurrection for the catastrophe of passivity. This is a call to indifference, not an insistence on fossilization of our desires.


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(Thanks to skobrin at /r/Anarchism.)

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  1. Gabriel

    The language is more like poetry than an actual manifesto…

  2. Rad Geek

    Well, yeah, but so is the language in the actual manifestos that the insurrectionists like to put out.

    Compare the results from the generator to L’Appel, for example or 20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis. Here is a random selection from the latter;

    Thesis 9

    In the metropolis, the articulation and the linking of different forces and not mediation is what pushes their intensity to drive the game of subversive alliances. The construction and the effectuation of the Rostock revolt, against 2007’s G8, showed the potency of this game. Autonomy, as a strategic indication for the succession from biopower, means the political metropolitan composition of all of the becoming-minor into a becoming-Common, a horizontal proliferation of counter-behaviors dislocated on a single plane of consistence without ever producing a transcendent unit. In the metropolis there is no revolutionary Subject: there is a plane of consistence of subversion that brings each singularity to choose its part.

    Ah, but of course.

  3. Contemplationist

    Yeah the rioting jihadis in Paris’ banliues could adopt this one for easy fodder for useful western idiots. Lost in all this vacuous rhetoric is ..whose window are you smashing? whose car are you burning, you fuck? People who you claim to want to liberate own that property, they probably don’t want your “help” in blowing their property up. I hate this kind of rhetoric, really really hate. Its fit for Communists, for market anarchists who respect INDIVIDUALS AS INDIVIDUALS not as bourgeois pawns to be destroyed to construct some other system. Fuck these assholes and their totalitarianism.

    • Contemplationist

      CORRECTION: Its fit for Communists, NOT FOR Market anarchists.

      Also, the comment is addressed to whoever wrote the above, not to Rad Geek (if its not him that his)

    • Rad Geek


      Confronted with those who refuse to recognize themselves in our orgies of negation, we offer neither dialogue nor criticism but only our derision. Every c-clamped pushbar is a refusal to negotiate, a blow against the being of anarcho-liberalism, a recognition of the immanent logic inherent in the articulation of desiring-bodies. This is a call to social war, not an insistence on fossilization of our desires. We must shatter all mobilization—in secret.

    • Contemplationist

      LOL Radgeek, I feel like an idiot.

  4. Andrew

    So is this just saying “individualist anarchism is bad”? And further more, “individualist anarchism hates when I blow shit up”?

    • Rad Geek


      Our need to occupy everything is less the realization of a project than the articulation of a line of flight. The homogenous impotentiality proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with social war. It is necessary to commence in secret; not to dream of new ways to organize, but to make manifest the subterranean zones of offensive capacity in the heart of each burning dumpster. This is a call to insurrection, not an insistence on humanism.

      See the README if you’re not getting it yet.

  5. Andrew

    It all makes sense now!

  6. Gabriel

    I have to confess I missed the “AGAIN” link the first time I read it and thought it was a genuine insurrectionist anarchist text. This is a pretty sad commentary on writing skills they are teaching in the skoolz these days! ;)

  7. dennis

    Is this a spin-off of the “Random Postmodern Essay Generator”? One of my favorite professors loved that site, saying effectively that what it produced effectively read like what he had to read from the various dime store Derridas out there.

  8. Shawn P. Wilbur

    In some ways, this is a very strange project, since, unlike the Postmodern Essay Generator, it tends to create sentences which scan and frequently articulate coherent insurrectionary thought. Having paid my dues in some of the manifesto-prone schools of radical thought, and having slogged through a lot of poststructuralist philosophy, the pieces to be jumbled are pretty familiar. The fact that you can play the mad-libs game with them just suggests that insurrectionary rhetoric is fairly simple, but I suspect you could do much the same thing with market-anarchist jargon with the same results: market anarchists wouldn’t think it was funny, and everyone else would howl. The weakness of the parody is the weakness of much of the insurrectionary current, since derision only takes you so far. As little sympathy as I have for the insurrectionary current, I do with anarchists didn’t tend to have such tin ears when it came to the languages of other radical schools. Honestly, I can think of much less useful projects that a “putting into practice of inoperative zones of indistinction which need no justification.” But, you know, YMMV….

    • Marja

      It would take some time to write a working left-libertarian essay generator, because of the disparate traditions different left-libertarian writers have come from. On the bright side, because of the fondness for unexpected combinations, an essay which simultaneously references Kropotkin, Rand, and Wheedon would not seem out of place.

  9. Louis B.

    Quick! Someone alert Glenn Beck!

  10. Gabriel

    Thank you Louis B, with that remark you have finally crystallized in my mind what I dislike about Glenn Beck: He is a “Conservative Essay Generator” personified!

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