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Markets Not Capitalism on the Air!

Edited by Gary Chartier & Charles W. Johnson
Published by Minor Compositions

To-day (Thursday 12/12) at 9pm US/Eastern, 8pm US/Central time, my co-editor Gary Chartier will be appearing on the John Stossel show on Fox Business Network, to discuss our book, Markets Not Capitalism. We just got confirmation from the show that the segment would be airing tonight; here’s a blurb from the show’s blog:

MARKETS NOT CAPITALISM: Gary Chartier, co-editor of Markets Not Capitalism, says there’s actually a lot to hate about capitalism when the word suggests capitalists using political connections to get special privileges. . . .

Well, that’s not really quite the point of the book.[1] But of course we appreciate the chance to talk about some of the themes and to get the good word out.

Setcher DVRs. Markets Not Capitalism is coming to prime time.

WHO: Gary Chartier
WHAT: Prime-time interview on Markets Not Capitalism
WHEN: Thursday, 12 December 2013 9pm EST (8pm Central)
WHERE: John Stossel show, Fox Business News

  1. [1]Cf. illud, hoc, and Is this all just a semantic debate?, if’n you’re looking for a different sort of gloss on the point of the book.


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  1. Jeremy Weiland

    Hope somebody put it on the you tubes! Congrats to Gary and you for some well deserved exposure.

  2. Reess Kennedy

    That’s awesome! Congratulations Jeremy!

  3. Reess Kennedy

    That’s awesome! Congratulations Charles! I meant to say that the first time.

  4. RJ Miller

    I eagerly await for this episode to appear online!

    There hasn’t been a single book that I would recommend over “Markets Not Capitalism” in persuading collectivist anarchists to think outside the box, period.

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