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Shared Article from Austro-Athenian Empire

Convivencia, In My Dreams It Always Seems | Austro-Athenian Empi…

Medi?@c3;a6;val Andalusia, or al-Andalus, was the region of Iberia under Muslim rule... This period, known for its many scientific and cultural achievemen…

Roderick Long @ aaeblog.com

[The same review is cross-posted, with distinct comment threads, at Policy of Truth (2019-09-16) and Bleeding Heart Libertarians (2019-09-16).]

On Poisoned Wells and Guilt By Free Association

Shared Article from Policy of Truth

Tulsi Gabbard vs. Liberal McCarthyism (1)

If there's anything you might have thought "we'd" learned from the Trump presidency, it's that well poisoning, guilt-…

Irfan Khawaja @ irfankhawajaphilosopher.com

Shared Article from Policy of Truth

Tulsi Gabbard vs. Liberal McCarthyism (2)

The New York Times, covering Hillary Clinton's reputation-destroying claim that Tulsi Gabbard is being "groomed" by the Russian gov…

Irfan Khawaja @ irfankhawajaphilosopher.com

Speaking for myself (not for Irfan, who wrote these two commentary pieces) — I have no desire to offer a brief for voting for Tulsi Gabbard (or anybody else), or to vote for Tulsi Gabbard (or anybody else), or for her (or anybody else) to become President of the United States of America. But this has been a particularly atrocious stretch of Liberal Electioneering Silly Season, especially when it comes to the rhetorical pitch of much of anything that touches on American foreign policy.

(I owe the phrase guilt by free associaiton to Crispin Sartwell.)

What I’m Reading: Lefts’ Party Like It’s 2014

  1. [1][18-Jun-2020: Formerly moral painc; typographical error corrected. –RG]
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