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Technological Civilization is Awesome (New Epicurean Scrolls Just Dropped, Cont’d)

Here’s some more from the ongoing use of hyperspectral imaging and transformer-based machine learning to decipher the Herculaneum scrolls (technological civilization is awesome). Researchers have been working closely on a scroll of Philodemus’s History of the Academy for a couple years now; here’s more on some newly deciphered passages that just dropped, in The Guardian:

Shared Article from the Guardian

Plato's final hours recounted in scroll found in Vesuvius ash

Newly deciphered passages outline Greek philosopher’s burial place and describe critique of slave musician

Lorenzo Tondo @ theguardian.com

Shared Article from the Guardian

"Second renaissance": tech uncovers ancient scroll secrets of Pl…

Researchers and Silicon Valley are using tools powered by AI to read what had long been thought unreadable

Ian Sample @ theguardian.com


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