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Bobby Lowder implicated in Clinton fundraising scandals

I’m not one to continue picking on Bill Clinton, but this one was too good to pass up: our OWN Bobby Lowder has been unearthed in an old SALON Daily Clicks | Newsreal report of Clinton fund-raising scandals! Read on…

… If the most recent list of party contributors — issued in the last week of the campaign only after intense pressure — is any measure, the Feds, and the rest of us, have a lot to think about.

Most immediately noticeable is that about half of the more than 1,000 individual contributors are not properly identified. Under the law, big-money donors are supposed to list their names, addresses, and, more importantly, their occupation and employer. Disclosing such affiliations is supposed to allow the public to see what interests are backing the candidates and make it harder for businesses, trade associations and unions to use individuals as a curtain to hide behind.

So, who are Bobby and Charlotte Lowder from Montgomery, Alabama? They each gave $50,000 to the DNC. No information other than their address is provided. When I called the phone number listed for them, no one picked up, and there was no answering machine. …

High-Quality Reporting by the Plainsman, and the Board of Tru$tee$ Challenged

The Plainsman is out today, and once again full of articles good enough that they have abolutely no business being in a student newspapers. I mean, I’m a huge fan of student run newspapers, but usually the content is not as good as The Plainsman has been over the past few years. I will mourn it when its newly elected editor, Napo Too many students call it the Complainsman Monasterio ruins it. Let’s hope he preserves some of the existing staff (like, say, stellar journalist Ryan Lee, who barely lost the editorial election to Napo). That said… Eat this, Bobby Lowder! theplainsman.com | The Auburn Plainsman Online | Newspapers file suit against board

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