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Am Denver Burning?

Me am Anarchist shock troop Number 1 for Obamarchy!

William Mayer brings us the latest in political news from Htrae’s election season:

If you think Chicago 1968 was bad then the prospect of what could happen in Denver is truly frightening. Picture a million people in the street with bombs going off and the central downtown business area burned to the ground.

Denver is a very liberal city, ala San Francisco and Seattle there is nowhere near the political will, nor is there sufficient police power to stop committed rioters.

You think I’m kidding?

Get real, the potential is there because Obama’s natural shock troops, something that has not been discussed anywhere in the MSM that we can find, consist of the same crazies that have caused so much trouble at various anti-globalization demonstrations around the world.

It’s therefore an international force.

Hell, when taken as a whole the nutcase hard lefties are the least dangerous people in that universe. The anarchists, and trust me, thousands of them could be mobilized from the Western United States, will constitute the SS divisions in this pro-Obama army. These folks live to cause trouble and are totally unpredictable and uncontrollable.

— William Mayer, PipelineNews.org (2008-04-26): Is Denver Burning? – Hillary Must Stay In Race To Ensure Destruction Of Obama

If those of us who are anarchists on Earth were half as numerous, well-organized, and uncontrollable in our efforts to undermine and ultimately destroy State authority as the Bizarro Anarchists are in their efforts to get a smooth politician invested with the authority of the President of the Bizarro Divided States of Acirema–well, then I’d be a lot more sanguine about the near future than I am.

(Via Dan Clore on the LeftLibertarian2 listserv.)

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