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Kyla Pasha on global feminism and “inclusivity”

This is from an interview of Kyla Pasha, a Pakistani feminist and co-founder of Chay magazine, a feminist magazine on sex and sexuality in Pakistan. The interviewer is Sarah Seltzer, at In the Fray (2008-06-02):

What about western feminists, who can also be ignorant about global feminism? Do you hope that Chay can be part of a new movement to make the face of feminism more inclusive and worldwide?

The idea of inclusivity to me is a bit false. It suggests that I, as a Pakistani Muslim Feminist — which is not an identity I carry around all time, but just for the example — would like a seat at some bigger United Nations of Feminism table.

There's a table right here. There's a lot of us already sitting at it. Moreover, there are a bunch of other tables. And people wander from conversation to conversation. That's my ideal.

— Kyla Pasha, interviewed by Sarah Seltzer, In the Fray (2008-06-02): Sex in Pakistan

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