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Wednesday Lazy Linking

  • Libertaria@@c5;201e;ski Feminizm! Roderick, Austro-Athenian Empire (2009-11-30). I just received in the mail, kindly sent to me by W@@c5;201a;odzimierz Gog@@c5;201a;oza, a Polish libertarian magazine called MindFuck (pronounced, I assume, "Minndfootsk") that includes translations into Polish of the libertarian feminist piece I wrote with Charles, Libertarian Feminism: Can This Marriage Be Saved?, as well as my blog post… (Linked Monday 2009-11-30.)
  • 2 more narcs taken off the street in corruption probe – Philadelphia Inquirer. "Thomas Tolstoy" – Google News (2009-11-30). In which democratic government ensures that government police are accountable to the people, rather than to the powerful and well-connected. ‘”It doesn’t mean that they will be terminated, arrested or face any disciplinary action,” DiLacqua said. “As the investigation is ongoing, some may be returned to full duty.”‘ (Linked Monday 2009-11-30.)
  • so this morning in the tacoma cop-killer case, police were. Captain Capitulation, eye of the storm (2009-11-30). so this morning in the tacoma cop-killer case, police were reported to have surrounded a house, and to be trying to remove the suspect using "loudspeakers," "explosions," and "occasional gunshots." now he's on the loose? so what the hell were they blowing up and shooting at? (Linked Monday 2009-11-30.)
  • Bad Boys. Daily Brickbats (2009-11-30). In which an “elite” “anti-gang” unit within the Chicago city government’s police force turns out to be nothing more than the baddest gang on the block. Specially Operating government cops used their police powers to conduct repeated traffic stops without cause, steal their victims’ keys, storm their homes without warrants, and rob their victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and drugs. Along the way they kidnapped several people, beat the hell out of them, and at one point even endangered the life of a diabetic victim by refusing to let him have insulin until he told them where his stash of money was hidden. Four of these out-of-control hyperviolent extortionist thugs, who made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars each, and who personally participated in kidnapping, torturing and nearly murdering those who stood in their racket’s way, will have all but one of the lesser charges against each of them dropped, and will spend six months in jail. All thanks to a special deal they cut with their fellow government employees at the District Attorney’s office. (Linked Monday 2009-11-30.)
  • Easy Rider. Daily Brickbats (2009-11-30). All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. (Linked Monday 2009-11-30.)
  • Bait and Switch. Dorothy, Cat and Girl (2009-12-01). (Linked Wednesday 2009-12-02.)
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