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Rad Geek’s Reader Questions: How did you become an Anarchist?

So, hey, reader question. (Not the kind you ask me so I can show off my expertise on my blog. The kind of question I ask you, gentle reader. Why? Well, I’m not a big fan of open threads, but I am a fan of y’all, and I’ve been kind of inspired by the conversations we’ve been having by riffing on a simple, open-ended question down at Vegas Anarchist Cafe; makes me curious about how some of these things go in other communities I’m part of).

Anyway, what I’m wondering right now, is–If you think of yourself as an Anarchist, how did you become an Anarchist? (Take that as you will — how you came to accept the ideas, or how you came to call yourself an Anarchist, or ….)

Or, if you don’t think of yourself as an Anarchist, what do you think of yourself as? And how did you get to be that?

What do you think? Let’s talk in the comments.

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