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In Their Own Words: “All bets are off.”

From Small Wars Journal 2009-05-15, from a retired soldier who served under, and thinks the world of, Lieutenant General Stanley A. McChrystal, former commander of Camp Nama, now named by anti-torture Peace President Barack Hussein Obama to command the United States government’s military occupation and counter-insurgency in Afghanistan:

Obviously writing from the seat of retirement, and with absolute respect and gratefulness for LTG McChrystal's aggressive leadership, personable demeanor, and unwavering mentoring, I envy the guys that are soon to find themselves sharing the same mess hall, weight room, and helicopter as The Pope. The man is unstoppable. Demonstrably more committed than most. More open, in fact insistent, on creative and innovative ideas from his subordinates to fight the war on terror. From my perspective, our rules of land warfare, our respect for human life, and our strategic constraints handcuff us to the point that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable. But, with LTG McChrystal at the helm now all bets are off.

— Small Wars Journal 2009-05-14: The Pope

(Via Andrew Sullivan 2009-05-15, via Crispin Sartwell 2009-05-15.)

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