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Humanitarian Interventions

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 15 years ago, in 2007, on the World Wide Web.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I was test-driving a new feature for the Rad Geek People’s Daily, which implemented a Humanized History magic scroller for WordPress blogs. Yesterday, I added the same feature to Feminist Blogs, which also runs under WordPress (thanks to the FeedWordPress aggregator), and which happens to have an even more pressing need for a way to let users quickly scan through lots and lots of posts without wasting the user’s time or the web server’s scarce resources. Currently the implementation is based on a bit of ugly hackery involving WordPress’s templates and my own site-specific JavaScript, but I am thinking that if I have a bit of free nerdery time later in this week I am going to put together a WordPress plugin that will package up the features for you (yes, you!) to install on your own WordPress blog or FeedWordPress-based aggregator.

Again, let me know what you think, and give me a heads-up if you notice anything that seems weird, broken, or wrong.

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  1. Discussed at projects.radgeek.com

    Rad Geek’s Projects » Humanized History for WordPress 2007.10.08:

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