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Sprachkritik (im Sinne Krauses) #2

That’s all fine and good and I make no excuses whatsoever for Jefferson’s slavery issue. NONE. But what I didn’t see in that entire article was something about Jefferson’s general views on governance and commerce. I was hoping to see laws or views he supported/held that showed an anti-libertarian POV.

There, slavery aside, I see very little to nothing.

— John V., comment to Will Wilkinson at The Fly Bottle (2008-04-18)


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  1. Micha Ghertner

    I can’t make out what the quoted poster is trying to say on account of the corpse in his mouth.

  2. Bob Kaercher

    My only criticism of the Kraus technique is that I doubt that the people who really need to understand what’s terribly wrong with the posted quote ever will.

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