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  1. Nathaniel Tapley

    This week, I didn’t write, but I did make moving pictures. The latest episode in my comedy series The Meeting: http://www.comedybox.tv/comedy-sketch-picks-11446

    However, if you don’t know much about British TV series ‘Eastenders’, the other episodes might be more entertaining…

    They are here: http://www.comedybox.tv/comic-The+Meeting

    Thanks for asking…


  2. John

    I wrote two posts about California’s gay-marriage decision that I thought were pretty good, if short:

    They graciously hand down our rights and Federalism and gay marriage

    Yeah, thanks for asking,


  3. Bob Kaercher

    I wrote up a little somethingon John McCain’s endorsement of and by a minister who has called on his fellow Christians to wage a war to “destroy” and “eradicate” the world’s Muslims, whom he claims are “Satan’s Mohammedan kingdom” on Earth.

    It’s received barely a peep of attention by the major media. I picked it up from Mother Jones.

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