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  1. Scott Bieser

    He probably only saw the movie and didn’t read the book.

  2. "Nick Manley" - The Eternally Confused "Deviant"

    It would help if they would adhere to the Bill of Rights a lot more. As far as such things go, the American set isn’t the worst in the world. I imagine it’s still one of the better ones — despite the difference between the reality of America and America as represented by such a document.

  3. Jeremy

    Yeah, a lot of Ron Paul supporters are missing the point that we left libertarians would make. Mostly because they haven’t been exposed to it. Which is why I support engaging these people in a constructive spirit.

    But, I know the drill… somebody’s wrong on the internet… ;)

  4. Keith Preston

    Strict adherence to the Constitution wouldn’t be pure anarchy, of course, but the state would still be barely visible compared to the Leviathan that’s in place now.

    Give these constitutionalists some credit, for Christ’s sake.

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