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Received in my inbox a couple of days ago. The warning is generated automatically by Thunderbird, using some heuristics. Below the fold, the ad copy informs us that the agrarian antifederalists who forced the passage of the Bill of Rights were, it turns out, the ideological forerunners of the nationalistic, pro-forced-sterilization, technocratic Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and of today’s left-liberal Barack Obama voters.

Here's a screen capture of an e-mail being displayed in Mozilla Thunderbird. It's advertising a book entitled The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came To Be. The ad copy begins, "Everything good about America has come about because of the hard work of progressive-minded people like you." At the top, there is a yellow strip with a warning message, generated by Thunderbird, which reads "This message may be a scam."

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Here’s the profile picture from Kal’s blog, Two, Three, Many…; Kal gets an award from the Ministry of Culture of this secessionist republic of one, for the most awesome cultural mash-up of the past month, at least:

It's a logo of the IWW's sabo-tabby, arching its back, with the caption "im in ur factories, seizin ur means of production

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I noticed this recently in an ad on reason‘s website.

Here's an image of the cover of Bob Barr's campaign book, called 'Patriot Nation', featuring Bob Barr in front of a background completely filled with the U.S. government's flag.

If you want a brief illustration of just about everything that was wrong about the late, unlamented miserable failure of the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential ticket, well, here’s a start.

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