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Wednesday Lazy Linking

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 15 years ago, in 2009, on the World Wide Web.

  • His Aim Is True. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-19). Tasered for running away. I guess she’s lucky he didn’t shoot her. (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • Cop Choler. Daily Brickbats (2009-08-27). It began with a domestic dispute call. But after Philadelphia police Officer Tamika Gross got to the scene it escalated to her challenging Latifa Savage to a fight then striking her. By all accounts Savage got the upper hand against the much larger cop, until other officers arrived and Savage… (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • Too Hot. Daily Brickbats (2009-08-31). Western Australia Coroner Alastair Hope ruled an aboriginal elder basically cooked to death in the back of a jail van he was being transported in one hot day. The man, identified only as Mr. Ward, had been picked up for drunk driving the previous day. The coroner said the man… (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • The Blue Knight. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-19). Thugs on patrol: Officer Jeffrey Robinson, Tarpon Springs, Florida, resigned after admitting he slashed a homeless man’s bicycle tires, while the bike was held in a police department storage area. Robinson said he was angry because the man used racial slurs against him when he was taking him to jail on trespassing charges 10 days earlier. (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • A Shocking Development. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-19). Here’s a funny joke you can try on your friends — if you happen to be a government cop: sneak up on them and blast them with a 50,000-volt electric shock. Ho, ho, ho. (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • And Happy Birthday to You, Too. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-02). In England, riot police wearing body armor and backed by a helicopter stormed Andrew Poole’s birthday party and barbecue and shut it down. There were just 15 people at the party, and Poole says they hadn’t even put any music on. But a police spokesperson said they had a right… (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • No Professional Courtesy. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-08). The Riverside County, California, government has paid Salvador Pina, a retired sheriff’s deputy, $125,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit. Pina claimed that sheriff’s deputies illegally beat and detained him at his home, even after former colleagues recognized him and a sheriff’s technician told them they were at the… (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • Drunk with Power. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-12). Travis Peterson knew he was too drunk to drive home after a concert by the Dave Matthews Band, so he decided to sleep it off in his car. But a Wisconsin state trooper woke him up and ordered him to leave the parking lot. Peterson explained he was too drunk… (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • You Don’t Look Like an American. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-19). The reason you should oppose immigration laws is because of what they do to immigrants. But it’s also worth remembering that those who believe that they can oppose the domestic police state without challenging government immigration restrictions are living in a fantasy-land. There is some way for governments to enforce border controls without inflicting police state measures and out-of-control kangaroo courts on everybody, whether they are immigrants or not. (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • Tucked. Daily Brickbats (2009-10-19). Rapists on patrol (cont’d) / Men in uniform (cont’d) / Public schooling (cont’d). Officer Christopher Lloyd, Dolton, Illinois. Smashed a special needs student into a locker and then onto the ground over an alleged dress code violation. (Also, Officer Christopher Lloyd says the kid swore at him.) Then Officer Christopher was arrested for raping a woman in Hammond. Turns out that he got his job in Dolton after he had been suspended from his job in Robbins. Reason he was suspended is that he rolled up to his ex-wife’s house last February and gunned down her new husband in front of their children. I guess the reason this hyperviolent psychopathic abuser was hired back on by the Dolton city government’s police force is that the Chicago city government’s police force took his word for it when he claimed that lighting up his ex-wife’s new husband with 24 shots was a form of "self-defense." / Rapists on patrol (cont’d). Men in Uniform (cont’d). Public schooling (cont’d). Police accountability (cont’d). Officer Christopher Lloyd, Dolton, Illinois. Recently arrested for raping a female acquaintance. (He’d already threatened her with a knife.) Before that, he’d smashed a 15 year old special needs student into a locker and then down onto the ground for having his shirt untucked at school, and for swearing at a police officer. He broke the kid’s nose. The reason he got a job on the government police force in Dolton is because the previous year, the government police force in Chicago decided not to press charges against him for rolling up on his ex-wife’s house and gunning down her new husband in front of their children. The Chicago cops figured that lighting him up with 24 shots outside of his own home was "self-defense." (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)
  • Make a Run for the Border. Daily Brickbats (2009-09-18). Immigration controls. Police state. Ditto, etc. (Linked Monday 2009-10-19.)

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  1. Roderick T. Long

    The categories (other than “Lazy Linking”) seem to have ended up as part of the text of the last paragraph rather than being links.

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