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Friday Lazy Linking

<li><a href="http://jessewalker.blogspot.com/2009/10/parts-left-out-of-sesame-street-article.html">THE PARTS LEFT OUT OF THE SESAME STREET ARTICLE: Before Sesame. Jesse, <cite>The Perpetual Three-Dot Column</cite> (2009-10-23)</a>. <q>THE PARTS LEFT OUT OF THE SESAME STREET ARTICLE: Before Sesame Street, &quot;educational TV&quot; usually meant awkward efforts to broadcast academic content in a traditional academic manner. Afterwards it meant trying to discern what kids were already learning from television and to reverse-engineer a method of delivering lessons the same...</q> <em style="font-size: smaller">(Linked Friday 2009-12-04.)</em></li>


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