Re: ‘They’re Cops; They’re Going to Beat You’

You got served and protected. (Cont’d.)[1]

‘They’re Cops; They’re Going to Beat You’ Blog (2010-03-25):

When the victim of a criminal assault dials 911 for help, what happens if police are the assailants? Chicago residents [M.C.] (a Ph.D. lecturer at the University of Chicago) and [G.M.] (who is finishing his Ph.D.) can answer that question: The cops who respond to the call will…

Keep in mind that when a gang of blue-bangers starts beating on you in a public place in front of God and everyone, you’re still better off not calling 911: if you do, they’ll only send reinforcements.

  1. [1]Edited (2017-05-04): at the request of one of the crime victims mentioned in this story, the names of the students victimized by police have been redacted to initials. –C.J.


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