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Here's a pretty old legacy post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 20 years ago, in 2004, on the World Wide Web.

I have returned from six weeks of teaching Logic to gifted junior high and high school students in upstate New York. Yes, if you read the New Yorker, it was that nerd camp–although it’s hard to say, from reading the article, how much of a picture you’ll actually get of what happens (it seems more interested in giving a gawking impressionistic portrait of tricks that really smart adolescents can do–rather than giving an idea of what it’s like at the camp, or taking up an argument on some of the serious ethical and educational dilemmas that a program like CTY raises. The online interview with the author, Burkhard Bilger is actually much better in some ways than the article that appeared in print.) This is one of those things that I’ll hopefully be getting to shortly. In the meantime, though, there’s still plenty to do:

  1. Finish unpacking and clean up around the house
  2. Finish grading post-tests and send them off to the overlords in Baltimore
  3. Apply for substitute teaching jobs in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor
  4. Post articles to the weblog about two or three things I’ve been meaning to post about for the past 6 weeks
  5. Visit the fam in Auburn. Possibly do a bit of paid petitioning for the Libertarian Party while in Alabama.
  6. Prepare applications for graduate school. Try not to gnaw my gnails down to the knuckle.
  7. Post articles to the weblog about 5,000,000 things or so that I’ve been meaning to post about for the past 6 weeks
  8. Finish reading Toward a Feminist Theory of the State and some other stuff. Work with Roderick on a co-authored paper on libertarianism and radical feminism for the APA Eastern Division.
  9. Smash patriarchy
  10. … and the State.

Cheers, all! I’m glad to be back, and you should be hearing from me again soon.

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  1. Sam Haque


    I am concerned that the recent explosion of techno-libertarianism is turning into the Internet into an anarchist domain by which anglosaxon doctrinal systems are being spread through the entire world annihilating local language and culture.

    I think democracy is fundementally wrong, albeit neccessary. And this is why I am Republican as opposed to Democratic.

    What are your views on the American notion democracy and do you think it really a universally valid form of government?

    If not, where today do you think it is valid and where do you think think Republican forms of government would be better?

  2. Sam Haque

    [Editor’s note: per the request of the comments’ author, several posted comments have been redacted into a single comment. –RG]

    I would like to add that I am sympathetic towards techno-libertarianism because I see it as the only political movement capable of keeping IP from being monoplized by corporations, but I don’t think that libertarianism as a whole means really anything at all outside of the Western world.

    There is absolutely no consideration for the problems of the third world where Republican forms of government are clearly superior. Trying to Democratize these nations is tantamount to annihilating them.

    In fact, the very idea of a Libertarian party is preposterous.

    Libertarianism is the opposite of partisanship. It is about being right at all costs.

    I would also like to add that America is not really a democracy, it is an Anglo-Saxon oligarchy made to look like a democracy.

  3. Sam Haque

    Alright, I’ve got it. Libertarianism is anti-Partisan. Therefore being libertarianism allows one to take part in a politcal party with out being Partisan.

    Therefore, if I am a Libertarian Republican, it means that I can still be Republican and still support the better candidate, which in this case is Kerry.

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