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Shameless Self-promotion Sunday #36

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 15 years ago, in 2009, on the World Wide Web.

It’s Sunday. You know what that means.

i cannot name this
i cannot explain this
and i really don’t want to
just call me shameless
i can’t even slow this down
let alone stop this
and i keep looking around
but i cannot top this

What have you been up to this week that you just can’t top? Write anything? Leave a link and a short description for your post in the comments. Or fire away about anything else you might want to talk about.

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  1. LIla Rajiva

    Thanks to Nostate for directing me here. Hardest part of blogging for me is letting myself become isolated..


  2. LIla Rajiva

    Thanks to nostate for showing me this blog. Nice work. L R

  3. Nick Manley -- Classical Liberal Nightmare


    I just saw an ad for The Objective Standard on your site lol.

    See below:


    It’s probably automatic, but I doubt you’re going to be published on foreign policy in it anytime soon ( :

  4. Darian W

    I shared some of my perspectives on intellectual “property”: http://darianworden.com/blog/?p=437

  5. Kelly W. Patterson

    Finally(!) got my blog up and running. First two posts are a general discussion of the nature of Anarchism and a slightly condensed version of a history of the Industrial Workers of the World (and how it relates to the current labor situation and the “bailouts”) that I wrote a couple weeks ago.

    Should be coming to an Anarchoblog near you soon…

  6. Nick Manley -- Classical Liberal Nightmare

    A top Nato commander wants a scorched earth policy for opium in Afghanistan.

    See below:


    Certain drug warriors or military pragmatists won’t even stop at opium seller genocide to further their goals.

    Disgusting with a capital D.

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