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  1. Discussed at www.chicanonews.net

    chicanonews.net : "Yeah, pretty much":

    […] today (Via Country As Cotton 2009-01-13: Know Your Rights When Dealing With Law Enforcement.) Click Here for the full article « 365?@c3;b7;52 Day 39: escape de medianoche de la operaci?@c3;b3;n (5/52 Weeks of the […]

  2. Marja Erwin

    Say, aren’t those Italian riot cops beating our comrades in Genova?

— 2010 —

  1. Discussed at silenciobarnes.com

    Town Fires Entire Police Force:

    […] we do, it’s imperative that we have a police force. Yea, some of them are really, really fucked up, but not all of them. There has to be somebody you can call when shit gets bad.On the other […]

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