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Wednesday Lazy Linking


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  1. Nick "Natasha" Manley

    The FNB chapter I used to work with never poisoned a single homeless person. We never got a permit from any city authority. Those statists who imagine such restrictions are necessary do all free acting people a real disservice.

  2. Roderick T. Long

    The FNB chapter I used to work with never poisoned a single homeless person.

    Yeah, but I bet that’s because you didn’t even try.

  3. Roderick T. Long

    I don’t know why my answer a minute ago to Nick appeared above his original comment. I don’t really have the power of time travel (and if I did, I would find more profitable uses for it than this). It’s nearly midnight where I am, not 8:13.

    Editor’s note: The answer is that I recently set up radgeek.com to be served up by multiple servers (in order to handle the flood of traffic coming from Fark) and the clocks on the different servers turned out to be out of sync with each other; the slowest one was behind the fastest one by about half an hour. So what happened is that Nick’s comment was handled by one of the servers with a fast clock and yours by one of the servers with a slow clock. It’s since been more or less fixed. –R.G.

  4. Nick "Natasha" Manley


    Oh of course: we tried.

    Don’t you know non-government inspected food preparation is always designed to hurt people?


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