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Wednesday Lazy Linking


  • Shakesville: The Bargain, and Its Alternative. shakespearessister.blogspot.com (2009-10-07). (Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)

  • FBI Investigated Programmer for Liberating Paywalled Court Records. Wired Top Stories (2009-10-07). In which the Law Mafia decides that its online database is "compromised" with a "security hole" when a coder starts using it to actually release public legal records for free access by the public. (Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)

  • Smells like improbable cause. Thoreau, Unqualified Offerings (2009-10-05). By Thoreau You know how a cop can search any car/person/house/apartment/boat/plane/train/automobile/blimp/etc. he wants if he claims that a dog did something to suggest that it  might smell drugs?  Well, a couple  of bloodhounds in Texas reacted to the smell of a deputy sheriff during a murder investigation, and the guy… (Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted? Thomas L. Knapp, Center for a Stateless Society (2009-10-05). ? at least not if ??law enforcers? get their way. During the G-20 summit in the Pittsburgh area last week, police arrested two activists. These particular activists weren??t breaking windows. They weren??t setting cars on fire. They weren??t even parading around brandishing giant puppets and chanting anti-capitalist slogans. In fact,… (Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)

  • On Becoming Ungovernable. Brad Spangler, BradSpangler.com (2009-09-30). ??This movement should create a situation in which authorities will control empty stores, but not the market; the employment of workers, but not their livelihood; the official media, but not the circulation of information; printing plants, but not the publishing movement; the mail and telephones, but not communications; and the… (Linked Wednesday 2009-10-07.)

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