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Shameless Self-promotion Sunday

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

Hey everyone; it’s Sunday. Late Sunday — but it’s never too late for Shamelessness.

I’m back from Hawaii. My paper (a revised, expanded and paper-ified version of Women and the Invisible Fist) seems to have gone down well — at least, I got some good discussion and had a couple of requests for copies of the paper. L. and I did get to spend a lot of time by the water, and a bit in the forest. My next trip, coming up real soon now, is out to L.A., with some ALLies from Vegas and, hopefully, to meet up with some more from So. Cal., to represent ALL at the Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair. Busy busy busy.

What have you been up to this week? Write anything? Leave a link and a short description for your post in the comments. Or fire away about anything else you might want to talk about.

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  1. Gary Chartier

    I’ve been reading Karl Hess’s Dear America; reflecting on the difference between the approach to dealing with unjust property titles Richard Epstein proposes in Simple Rules for a Complex World and the one defended by Rothbard and Roy Childs; and starting work on a paper critiquing Peter Leeson’s dismissal of pirate democracy as a model for today’s workplaces.

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