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Friday Lazy Linking

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

  • Help Noam Chomsky Find His Inner Anarchist. Roderick, Austro-Athenian Empire (2010-02-10). A reader tipped me off that Noam Chomsky has agreed to answer the top-rated questions submitted via this reddit page; the reader suggested that I condense my "Chomsky's Augustinian Anarchism" gripes into a question. So I did. Here's my question for Chomsky: Although as an anarchist you favour a stateless… (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-10.)
  • DAVID T. BEITO: Rand Paul is No Libertarian. Liberty & Power: Group Blog (2010-02-10). “This first advertisement for his U.S. Senate campaign … is quite simply terrible. It not only panders to the darkest side of American conservatism but to the basest emotions of voters.” Like pappy, Ron’s boy Rand has chosen to emphasize absolutely the worst parts of his platform in his early campaign advertisements. Here, the current poster-boy for Chairman Ron’s Great Libertarian Electoral Revolution comes out for “strong national defense,” an immigration police state, and overseas legal black holes for “enemy combatants.” (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-10.)
  • How to split up the US. pwarden, PeteSearch (2010-02-06). As I've been digging deeper into the data I've gathered on 210 million public Facebook profiles, I've been fascinated by some of the patterns that have emerged. My latest visualization shows the information by location, with connections drawn between places that share friends. For example, a lot of people in… (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-10.)
  • Bear Becomes Mushroom; Trout Implicated. Roderick, Austro-Athenian Empire (2010-02-11). So the picture on the left of a girl leaning against a bear is an image that appears on merchandise produced by independent artist Hidden Eloise; and the picture on the right of the same girl in the same pose, leaning against empty air in the vague vicinity of a… (Linked Friday 2010-02-12.)

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