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Wednesday Lazy Linking

Here's a pretty old post from the blog archives of Geekery Today; it was written about 14 years ago, in 2010, on the World Wide Web.

  • All Your Mind Are Belong To Her. Austro-Athenian Empire (2010-02-15). In which a law professor attempts to use libel law in order to censor negative reviews of her work. You may have thought that your considered opinion of Dr. Calvo-Goller’s work is your own. But you forget yourself, Sir: your opinions of her work are in fact the exclusive property of Dr. Karin Calvo-Goller, JD. (Linked Monday 2010-02-15.)
  • Good Things: Ubuntu and Android. Alex Payne, al3x (2010-02-15). Good Things: Ubuntu and Android This is the second in a series of posts about good, nice things that I'm enjoying in the world of technology. The first post in the series was about Lenovo's ThinkPad X301 laptop, a solid alternative to the MacBook Air for those that don't mind… (Linked Monday 2010-02-15.)
  • Colin Ward, 1924–2010. Anarchoblogs in English (2010-02-16). R.I.P. Click through for a long quote from Ward’s Anarchy in Action, “Anarchy and a Plausible Future.” (Linked Tuesday 2010-02-16.)
  • New Proudhon Anthology Forthcoming. Anarchoblogs in English (2010-02-16). Congratulations to editor Iain McKay and sometime translator Shawn Wilbur. (Linked Tuesday 2010-02-16.)
  • Man sodomized with Taser will receive six-figure settlement. Photography is Not a Crime (2010-02-17). [Trigger warning.] “The settlement contained a provision that officers were making no admission to violating the plaintiff’s civil rights” by deliberately sodomizing him with an electrical torture device in order to secure “cooperation.” Meanwhile, the city government will send the bill for compensating the survivor to a bunch of innocent taxpayers who had absolutely nothing to do with this atrocity. (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-17.)
  • Texas cop arrested for "improper photography" Photography is Not a Crime (2010-02-17). Men in Uniform (Cont’d). Officer Brandon Gilroy, St. Edward’s University Police. Austin, Texas. (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-17.)
  • Seattle artist sues man for photographing public art work. Photography is Not a Crime (2010-02-17). Intellectual Protectionism Vs. Free Speech and the Progress of the Arts and Sciences. (Or, Mr. Galambos goes to Seattle.) In which Jack Mackie, professional leech in the name of the Arts, grabs a tax-funded handout from the Seattle city government to sculpt a series of generic dance steps on public sidewalks in view of God and everybody in Seattle, and then, unsatisfied with having been paid once (by nonconsenting taxpayers, no less), goes back to government to use Intellectual Monopoly law to sue anybody who dares to distribute photographs that include a glimpse of the work that he put out for free public display. Most recently, he is attempting to sue photographer Mike Hipple for as much as $60,000. No word yet on whether he plans to start suing folks in Seattle for dancing the Foxtrot. (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-17.)
  • Akron cop fighting suspension ends up with triple the time. Photography is Not a Crime (2010-02-17). I agree with most of the stuff that Miller says here — except for the claim that a 45 day vacation from his job is a “severe punishment” for a man who robbed a completely innocent woman of her property, abducted her by force and locked her in a cage for 18 hours even though she had not posed a threat to any living being or committed anything that even plausibly resembled a crime. If you or I did that, we’d be in prison for years. (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-17.)
  • The Blood Bank. Roderick, Austro-Athenian Empire (2010-02-16). (CHT François.) (Linked Wednesday 2010-02-17.)

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